Valentine’s Day Proposal Ideas

Valentine’s Day is officially less than one month away and love is definitely in the air! Do you plan on popping the big question on February 14th?

While we are sure your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter feed will be full of ‘engagement ring in the champagne glass’ proposal photos and stories we think you can do better!! 

We  know that it may seem ‘cheesy’ to pronounce your desire to spend eternity with your one and only on this day, but we think it is perfect and one a day neither of you will ever forget.

We are here to help you get creative with our

TOP 5 Valentine’s Day proposal ideas!


1. Recreate your first date or the moment you knew s/he was ‘the one':

Start by telling your sweetheart not to make any plans for February 14th… then make all the arrangements to recreate your first date (or another special moment). You can make reservations for the same restaurant (see if you can get the same table, waiter, etc.), find the song that was playing the first time you said “I love you”, or see if you can gather the friends/family that introduced you. You can even go as far as to wear the same or a similar outfit! 

2. How about a surprise!

Since a Valentine’s Day proposal is sometimes expected, try to think up a way you can surprise your loved one, so they won’t have any idea when it is going to happen. For example, tell your partner that you have made a romantic dinner reservation and when you are walking out the door…SURPRISE…a single violinist (or whatever instrument you love) is standing outside playing ‘your song’ or your friends/family are standing there holding a ‘will you marry me” sign – this cute idea could go in so many directions, don’t be afraid to get creative, so it has your personal touch. 

3. Say it with music:

Does your loved one wake up to an alarm clock set to a particular radio station or maybe s/he listens to the same radio show each day…if so, you can arrange to propose ‘on air’ on Valentine’s Day. Call the station in advance to arrange your special moment – maybe you can have them call your partner á la ‘prank call style’ or maybe they can play your favorite song at a certain time, so you can get down on one knee at just the right moment, it might even be possible that you could buy a moment of air time where they can play a recorded proposal for your loved one to hear.

4. Say it with ‘charm':

Create a bracelet filled with charms/trinkets that represent wonderful moments and memories in your relationship. You can present the bracelet to your loved one and explain the significance behind each charm you chose, then when you get to the last charm have a special one engraved with the words “will you marry me’. Not only will this be a special moment the two of you will always remember, but it will be a keepsake for you to cherish or even add to over the years. 

5. Get REALLY ‘cheesy':

So I know we are here to help you get creative without the cheese factor, but why not be EXTRA cheesy? Does you loved one have a sense of humor…then plan your evening with every Valentine’s Day cliché proposal idea you can think of…from creating a trail of roses, to the waiter bringing you dessert with the ring hidden inside, to writing a love poem/song – you can create an evening of fun, humor and memories by adding unique touches throughout the night. 

Ps. If you still need an Engagement Ring, we can help with that too! From a traditional solitaire to antique designs with intricate details we have a large selection for you to chose from. Still not sure…we can even help you custom design anything you can dream of!


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Anna-Mieke’s Top 5 Engagement Ring Trend Predictions for 2014

Anna-Mieke Anderson MiaDonna's Founder and CEO


We recently sat down with MiaDonna’s founder and CEO, Anna-Mieke Anderson, and asked her what she predicts the Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends will be in 2014.

Her TOP 5 predictions are…

#1: Man Made Diamonds

“I predict that man made diamonds will gain popularity in 2014 [and beyond] with consumers leading this trend. Consumers making educated purchasing decisions about where their clothing is manufactured, how their food is labeled and where these products come from are the same consumers who are going to lead this trend by purchasing man made diamond alternatives; making a statement that wearing earth-mined (aka conflict) diamonds is like wearing real fur or eating shark fin soup, unethical and avoidable.” shares Anna-Mieke.

#2: Custom Engagement Rings

Anna-Mieke feels that, “Consumers want unique engagement rings, something that is special to them or something no one else has. At MiaDonna every ring we hand craft is customizable to each customer’s personal taste, with many rings being offered in 20 or more combinations. We also have the ability to help future brides and grooms custom design their own engagement rings and wedding sets from concept to finished product. This trend is very exciting for us as we love seeing our customers original ideas come to life”.

#3: Pop of Color

This trend has gained popularity over the years and Anna-Mieke predicts that it will continue into 2014. “Adding a ‘pop of color’ is an easy way to personalize your engagement ring and we have seen this trend increase with customers designing their dream engagement rings with fancy colored diamonds or gemstones. We are excited to see this trend continue as we expand our selection of fancy colored yellow, pink and blue man made diamonds as well as our lab created gemstones.”

#4: Fancy Shape Center Stones

MiaDonna has always offered an extensive selection of fancy shaped center stone options. Anna-Mieke predicts that, “Engagement rings are such a statement piece and no bride to be wants to show off a ring that everyone has already seen. We have noticed that brides and grooms are thinking beyond the traditional Round and Princess cut and are opting for fancy shaped center stones instead. I can see 2014 being the year of the Cushion, Asscher, Pear or Radiant cut!”.

#5: Yellow Gold

While rose gold was the unique choice in 2013, Anna-Mieke is predicting that yellow gold will be making a trendy come back in 2014. “While I have never been a huge fan of yellow gold, this season I am in love with it and we are seeing it gain in popularity. Yellow gold is warm in color which makes it look fantastic with any skin tone and looks amazing when paired with white or fancy colored diamonds and gems, allowing the stones to individually pop in the setting.”

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Socialite Micro Pavé Engagement Ring

The Socialite Micro Pavé Engagement Ring is a gorgeous celebrity inspired engagement ring – pulling inspiration details from Khloe Kardashian’s wedding set and designer Leon Megé.

The Socialite Micro Pavé Engagement Ring

This gorgeous engagement ring design comes set with a 3.0ct Radiant cut MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid® center stone featured in a unique split double claw prong. The triple sided micro pavé design is encrusted with approx. 0.36ctw natural recycled diamonds going three quarters of the way around the shank.

Socialite Micro Pave Engagement Ring

The Socialite Engagement Ring can also be purchased with its matching diamond wedding band. Contact one of our fantastic Customer Service Specialists for pricing. 

Please note:

Micro Pavé, while incredibly beautiful, is a very delicate setting style. Designs like this can be worn everyday, however, they are not recommended for active lifestyles and should be cared for properly.

Be gentle: Pavé and Micro Pavé Rings

Elegance is not dependent on money. Of the four things I have mentioned above, the most important of all is care. Care in choosing your clothes. Care in wearing them. Care in keeping them.  ~ Christian Dior

Micro pavé should be cared for exactly the same way as any other fine piece of jewelry.

A little lukewarm water, a drop of dish washing liquid and a soft toothbrush – it’s all you need to keep it clean.
However, stones set with small beads in a soft metal such as platinum (gold as well) can be prone to an occasional lost stone. Nevertheless, even the most meticulously crafted micro pavé pieces are susceptible to stone loss simply because metal is susceptible to wear and tear. Yet, this does not cause stones to pop out suddenly.
Stones can fall out for some of the following reasons:

  • Direct hit against something hard. However, the blow has to come from a certain angle so it would move a few beads away from a stone, leaving it unsecured. It does not happen very often. Most hits come directly from the top and even though they flatten the beads, spreading the metal wider, this wouldn’t cause a stone to become loose. The stones can actually protect the surface like a miniature (and very hard) armor. In this sense the micro pavé will actually make the piece last longer by shielding the soft metal under its diamond skin.
  • Part of the piece bends (sometimes so slightly that it is visible only to an expert). This will cause some beads to shift away from the stones in a certain area, where they would become dislodged from their seats. This damage often causes a loss of a few adjacent stones and is the most difficult to repair.

The dilemma of any setter is always to balance the proportion between the sizes of the beads with the size of the stones. The stones themselves are small, and obviously the beads are even smaller. Leave the beads larger and the micro pavé looks dull because too much metal is covering the stones giving the pavé a metallic look.
There is no pattern – clumps of metal blend in with stones making it hard to distinguish each individual stone from a distance. On the flip side, if the beads are made too small, they can become weakened, are prone to move, and eventually can lose their grip on a stone.

Even after the piece is successfully set, the final procedure of polishing might throw the fragile balance off. By applying too much pressure to a certain spot, a bead holding the stone in place might be weakened or thinned out. Likewise, not applying enough pressure will cause the micro pavé to be left too rough and potentially catch on fabric. If a polisher does his job well, the micro pavé will be smooth, silky and shiny.
The quality of micro pavé should be judged by the overall look and craftsmanship of the piece, not by the unfortunate occurrence of a lost stone .

When a micro pavé piece is being worn daily, or is subjected to hard wear, loosing a stone or two is almost inevitable. Any qualified jeweler could replace a stone without any trouble. Usually the repair takes 10-15 minutes. The stones themselves have relatively little value; the cost of labor required to set them costs significantly more.

Most micro pavé pieces are subject to a lost stone either soon after delivery or after many years of daily wear. If you think about it, the average micro pavé ring has in excess of 200 stones; it’s just statistically probable that a stone will go missing sooner or later. No responsible jeweler will guarantee that none of the stones will fall out eventually. Most retailers try to sidestep the issue because they do not want to lose a sale over your concerns about lost stones. Afterwards they will tell you the same thing.

It is inevitable and there is no need to get upset. High quality micro pavé can be repaired many times with excellent results. In loving hands a ring will look brand new for decades.

(Credit: ‘Be Gentle’ information from the leonmegé.com)

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New Year’s Eve Proposal Ideas

Were you dreaming of a white Christmas proposal, but that moment didn’t work out? Maybe the timing wasn’t right, the engagement ring was delayed or it simply didn’t snow…Well, that doesn’t mean you have to give up on your perfect holiday proposal.

What about New Year’s Eve proposal? 

Many people share the belief that New Year’s Eve celebrates love, hope, forgiveness, second chances and fresh starts and we can think of no better evening to create an everlasting memory with the person you want spend the rest of your life with. 

Here are a few of our favorite New Year’s Eve proposal ideas…


New Year's Eve_Christmas Tree Proposal_PinterestGet your tree involved

If your partner had their heart set on a Christmas eve or day proposal you can still give them the Christmas proposal experience by including your Christmas tree. Most people don’t take down their tree until New Year’s day, so why not take advantage of the twinkling lights and get creative. You can re-decorate by changing up the ornaments with messages sharing the things you love most about your partner or maybe there was a “forgotten” present under the tree. Either way, we are sure the moment will be a magical unexpected surprise. 



New Year's Eve_Year in Review Proposal_Pinterest

Create a ‘year in review’ photo album 

It would be fun to create a photo album (print or digital) and fill it with memories you created together over the past year. Your album could include only photos or you can mix it up by adding event tickets, letters/emails/texts you’ve shared or ‘date night’ trinkets – you could even include funny/loving captions on each page. Then on the last page, write your proposal – keep it simple with “Will you marry me?”.


New Year's Eve_Party Proposal_Pinterest

Party with friends/loved ones

New Year’s Eve is a fantastic excuse to throw a party and invite over everyone you love and cherish to celebrate. Which is exactly why your partner will never suspect that you are about to ask them the biggest question of their life. Not to mention that already being surrounded by all your friends and family will save you both many calls to share your big news! 







New Year's Eve_Midnight Proposal_Pinterest

When the clock strikes Midnight

Take advantage of the magic of midnight – as everyone begins counting down the last seconds of 2013 take a moment to tell your partner why you love them and at the stroke of midnight, propose. It is the perfect way to end this year and start the next, it is also the perfect memory to celebrate each year as you will never forget this proposal-versary. 




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Custom design your own Man Made Diamond Engagement Ring

Let the artisan team at MiaDonna help you Custom Design your own Man Made Diamond Engagement Ring

Every girl dreams of the day that they will get engaged, some dream of the wedding and some dream of THE RING! If you are one of those gals that has your dream engagement ring already designed, then let MiaDonna help you bring it to life.

Over the years we have been lucky enough to create some of the most gorgeous and unique one of a kind and designer inspired engagement rings…

Here is a gallery of a few of our favorite rings to help inspire your dream engagement ring!

Contact one of our custom design specialists today and receive your no obligation custom engagement ring or wedding set quote. If you are looking to receive your custom design for a romantic Valentine’s Day proposal, be sure to contact us no later than January 1st to ensure we have enough time to get your design just right! 


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TOP 5 reasons you should buy Man Made Diamonds

Do you LOVE diamonds, but not the conflict associated with getting them out of the earth?

Many people are under the false impression that lab created (also called man made) diamonds are synthetic, when in actuality, they are REAL DIAMONDS! Both lab created and earth mined diamonds share the exact same physical, chemical, and optical properties; both are cut/polished using the same equipment and techniques; and both have the same brilliance. The main difference is the time and methods of creation. Diamond labs use highly controlled conditions to create a diamond in a way that mimics nature’s process, but is several times faster – taking weeks to create, rather than years – and at a cost of 10 to 25% of extracting a conventional diamond. 

Counting down from #5 to #1 – here are a few reasons YOU should only wear Man Made Diamonds!


#5: The 5th C – Conflict Free

Conflict Diamonds_Martin Chunqong Ayafor

Anyone who has purchased a diamond has been educated on the 4c’s (cut, color, clarity and carat weight), however, at MiaDonna we consider the 5th C MORE important than ANY other consideration in purchasing a diamond or precious gem. 

The 5th C refers to “conflict-free”. A diamond is considered “conflict” if its profit are used to fund war, or it is mined or produced under unethical conditions. At MiaDonna and The Greener Diamond we define a conflict diamond as any diamond that is unsustainable, thereby contributing to a negative impact in any or all of the following ways…

Environment: The mining and production of earth-mined diamonds.

Ethical: Diamond mining communities held captive to a life of poverty and violence through their dependency on the diamond trade and consumers who unknowingly contribute to the power and proliferance of conflict diamonds and are subjected to exorbitant prices as a result of illegal price fixing.

Economy: A monopolized industry with a supply chain that is neither fairly equitable to the communities purveying earth-mined diamonds or to the consumers purchasing them. 

Diamond certification processes came to fruition as a way to quell consumer concerns and to help stop the trade of conflict diamonds. Buyer beware: Unfortunately the problem persists and many “Diamond Certification” claims cannot be guaranteed.

#4: It’s the 21st Century  – Consumers hold the power!

MiaDonna & The Greener Diamond_Break the Cycle

It is now the 21st century, pushing boundaries in an industry heavily dominated by men and old traditions, Anna-Mieke, MiaDonna’s Founder and CEO, offers consumers an alternative to mined diamonds: a man made, eco-friendly, beautiful and affordable diamond. “We can now make diamonds in a modern-day lab environment, that are more beautiful and affordable than earth mined diamonds; without the conflict that is associated with getting them out of the earth,” states Anna-Mieke.

MiaDonna and The Greener Diamond believe providing consumers with modern diamond alternatives, while giving back to diamond mining communities and without digging enormous holes in the earth is a far better solution.

#3: The Environmental Impact

The Greener Diamond_Protect our Earth

Industry would like consumers to believe that the benefits of formal (regulated) mining far out way the environmental impact. However, the truth is that mining is catastrophic to the local environment and its aboriginal people. 

Did you know?

  • 1750 tons of earth has to be extracted to find a 1.0ct rough diamond.
  • So called “conflict-free” Canada diamond mines are often built in environmentally fragile ecosystems, have significant ecological footprints, and have a drastic impact on the caribou, wolverine, bears, ptarmigan and fish, which provide food for aboriginal people.
  • 20 tons of mined waste is produced to make one Gold ring to hold that diamond. The earth mined ore is mixed with Cyanide, a known toxic poison, to dissolve the Gold or Silver from the ore, making the land and waterways around the mining area poisoned.
  • The largest Australian diamond mine is as big as Japan.
  • Some environment extremist think that if the open pit mines get any deeper we could tap into molten and knock the earth off its axis.
  • The largest diamond mine in eastern Siberia (Mirny, to be exact) Russia is so deep that the surrounding “air zone… is closed for helicopters” after “a few accidents when they were ‘sucked in’ by downward airflow…”. In essence it has created its own atmosphere.

#2: Price – Why spend more to support conflict?

When pricing out a man made diamond or earth mined diamond, you will see that they are priced based on the diamond’s cut, clarity, color and carat size. When shopping for man made diamonds, with the exception of whites (at this time), there are HUGE financial savings to buying a man made diamond over an earth mined diamond, not to mention the immeasurable environmental and humanitarian benefits these lab created diamonds offer society. 

White and Yellow Man Made Diamond Pricing ChartPink and Blue Man Made Diamond Pricing Chart

If you have looked through our man made diamond selection and can’t find the exact shape or color diamond your looking for please contact us and we would be happy to help, as we do not have every diamond available listed on our site.   

#1: No Difference – Man Made Diamonds are identical to earth mined in EVERY way!

MiaDonna® Man Made Diamonds are type IIa diamonds. Less than 2% of all the natural diamonds harvested in the world are pure enough to be labeled type IIa diamonds. Our Man Made Diamonds, also described as Synthetic Diamonds, Cultured Diamonds, Lab Created Diamonds or Lab Grown Diamonds are real diamonds that are optically, physically, atomically and chemically identical to a natural diamond. These diamonds are grown in a lab environment that replicates the earth’s natural growing process. MiaDonna’s® line of man made diamonds, are solid, pure carbon diamonds and they will absolutely test positive on any jeweler’s diamond tester and also come with either IGI, EGLUSA or GIA certified grading reports.

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Happy Engagement (Ring) Season!

With Engagement Season in full swing we know that many of you are out there hunting, planning, sneaking and enjoying every minute! According to approximately 39% of proposals take place from Thanksgiving to Valentine’s Day, deeming this time of the year ENGAGEMENT SEASON!

Whether you are already engaged and are still searching for your dream ring or you are planning to propose, but can’t find the perfect ring suiting your style and budget needs – MiaDonna is here to help!

With so much love in the air, it can be hard to narrow down the style choices…here are a few suggestions to help you pick the perfect ring!


1. Think about your partner’s lifestyle: 

  • Does your partner have an active lifestyle or career? For example, someone who works with their hands or enjoys active hobbies may be better suited for a lower profile design – such as a cathedral setting or halo design, which would provide more protection. 

2. Think about your partner’s personal taste:

  • Does your partner wear any other jewelry? If they do then they might like something bigger and bolder, however, if they don’t then something more understated may match their personal style better. Does your partner wear white or yellow gold? 

3. Think about your partner’s feelings on the environment:

  • This might still be a new concept to some shoppers, but with today’s modern technology and eco-frienldy efforts you can now get the environmentally friendly engagement ring of your dreams! Does your partner like diamonds? Many eco-conscious consumers might like the look of a diamond, but not the conflict associated – so options like MiaDonna’s Man Made Diamonds and Gemstones would be the perfect choice for your eco-conscious bride-to-be. Not to mention, all MiaDonna rings are hand crafted in the USA from the finest recycled gold, platinum and palladium.  

MiaDonna & The Greener Diamond

4. Think about asking your partner’s friends or family for help:

  • While you may feel that you know your future bride-to-be both inside and out, sometimes it is easy to miss those style queues, especially when trying to maintain an element of surprise. Don’t be afraid to ask your partner’s friends or family about her personal taste and style – Does she like Round, Princess, Cushion, etc.? Does she want diamonds or does she prefer a solitaire? What they share may surprise you!

Diamond Shapes

5. Mostly, just don’t over think it!

  • Should you have no idea what she likes, don’t worry! The MiaDonna customer service specialists are your personal shoppers. They are full or information, tips and suggestions to help you pick out the perfect ring for your big day. We are in the business of love and nothing makes us happier then helping a couple pick out their dream ring – we can even help you custom design anything you desire, should you not be able to find exactly what you are looking for. 

Happy Engagement (Ring) Season!


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Learn More

MiaDonna offers a 15 day "In your hands" return policy. This simply means you have 15 days to view your jewelry from the day it arrives at your home to decide if we have held up our end of the bargain to deliver you something special. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase we will refund your money free of any restocking fees or any other hidden costs. For full details please see our Return Policy and be sure to review our Lifetime Guarantee, Complimentary Insurance Policy and Theft, Loss and Damage Policy.


Learn More

Our Man-Made Diamonds (also known as Lab-created Diamonds) are produced using the most scientifically advanced methods to create results that are optically, physically, and chemically identical to a natural diamond, without the conflict or price of traditional diamonds. Our Man-Made Diamonds are produced in a laboratory setting that simulates the earth's natural growing environment. Our Diamond Hybrids®, on the other hand, are constructed from a non-precious crystal core that is infused with a form of Lab-Created Diamond to create the realistic natural beauty you expect.

At MiaDonna® we are committed to love, humanity and the earth by focusing on sustainability through every step when creating our superior line of quality Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring Sets and Fine Jewelry. We start by using the finest grade eco-friendly metals, which can be accented with recycled natural side diamonds in sizes below 0.20 carats. You can then select your conflict free center stone from our extensive selection of Man-Made Diamonds (which are Lab Grown Diamonds), the Diamond Hybrid® (a hand cut diamond infused diamond simulant) or Lab Created Gemstones (which are Lab Grown Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds). With each purchase we plant a tree on your behalf and a donation is made to The Greener Diamond Foundation, funding agricultural projects in mining provinces in Africa.




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