Wedding Bands: Go Unique, Designer or Antique and add your personal touch

Wedding Bands:

So you have the engagement ring, now what are you going to set next to it for your wedding band? 

These days couples are choosing and designing their rings together more than ever. Individual style is now at the top of the list when it comes to choosing an engagement ring and choosing the wedding band is no exception. There are a multitude of options from traditional diamond wedding bands, to more unique styled or custom fit wedding bands. Custom designing your very own wedding band is also a readily available option to all couples these days. Additionally, there are many ways to add personal touches to your wedding band. Such as, including an engraved message, adding some of your favorite gemstones or designing a wedding band that compliments your engagement ring as well as your partner’s wedding band are just a few ways couples can add a personal touch to their wedding set. 

Unique Wedding Bands

Creating a unique wedding band is a design choice couples make on purpose. Doing things like adding a second band/doubling up is a good way to enhance the overall look of your engagement ring. Incorporating gemstones and birthstones is also an option that many couples are taking these days, as it is a great way to add your favorite color to compliment your engagement ring or show off your unique style. A contour or custom fit band is also a good wedding band option for those looking for a flush fit that matches your Engagement ring perfectly.



History of Wedding Bands

Many people believe the Egyptians started the custom of wearing wedding bands. The Egyptians were know to use a plant stem and fashion a circular band that when worn on the ring finger signified never ending love. Later, the Roman’s gave their own tradition to the wedding band and used it as a way of laying claim over their lady or signifying ownership.

Puzzle Wedding Bands were invented by the Asians and Arabs. A puzzle wedding band consists of a number of rings that ‘lock’ into each other when worn correctly. These band rings are quite difficult to put together and lock into place. Arab men would place the puzzle bands on their wife’s finger in times that they new they would be away. The bands are so difficult to get back together that if the band was not being correctly worn upon their return it was taken as a sign of unfaithfulness.

Now days Wedding Bands universally symbolize commitment and everlasting love between a couple.

 Designer Wedding Bands

Designer Wedding Bands are often used to compliment many different styles of engagement rings. Either you love a particular designer/design style or you create a piece to compliment your ring, many couples use designer style bands to draw inspiration from, to help them in creating their very own custom or designer style wedding band.



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Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Engagement Ring

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie Engagement Ring

After seven years together Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are engaged. So what we really want to know is what does the Engagement Ring look like?

Here you can see a picture of the world renowned actress and humanitarian with her custom designed engagement ring. Now fiancé Brad Pitt worked with Beverley Hills Jeweler Robert Procop over the course of a year custom designing this ring for Angelina. 

“Brad had a specific vision for this ring, which he realized over a yearlong collaboration,” Procop said. “He wanted every aspect of it to be perfect, so I was able to locate a diamond of the finest quality and cut it to an exact custom size and shape to suit Angelina’s hand. Brad was always heavily involved, overseeing every aspect of the creative design evolution. The side diamonds are specially cut to encircle her finger. Each diamond is of the highest gem quality.”

The one of a kind piece is estimated to cost over $1 million by People magazine and boasts a huge Emerald cut center stone with smaller ribbed diamonds, weighing in at 10 carats, running down the shank creating a tiered effect.


 If you like the look of Angelina’s engagement ring and want it for yourself you can design your own engagement ring here. 


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MiaDonna customer review and testimonial with the engagment ring pic

MiaDonna® Customer Review and Testimonial


Here is a wonderful review and testimonial we just received and had to share with everyone. It’s always exciting for us to hear from customers that share the same core values that we do!



To whom it may concern:

This past Saturday, my fiancé, (James…), got down on one knee on the middle of the Royal Gorge Bridge and proposed marriage to me. I of course said yes, and would have been happy just to know I got to spend the rest of my life with him, I THOUGHT, the ring was not important. I was always very torn with the idea of the diamond, and what it meant to wear that, what it stood for and what others in the world had to do in order for me to wear something so beautiful. We had of course discussed this in the past and I know he felt the same way. However, I didn’t know at what lengths he went to find me the perfect ring. He picked the ‘Ali’ engagement ring, and it is absolutely the most beautiful thing I have ever owned, (or seen). I am in awe of the quality, the brilliance, the fire and or course the craftsmanship. It really exceeded both our expectations. I am in awe of its beauty!

I am not sure who he worked with at MiaDonna, but he couldn’t stop raving about the customer service and how helpful his representative was. They made him feel valued, were very attentive to his needs, and knowledgeable about the product. In fact, he said that it was one of the best customer service experiences he has ever had. This makes me feel that much more proud to wear this beautiful piece of art and I love that I have a conversation piece that opens up dialogue about what the diamond stands for and what it means, as I think most people are very ignorant to the facts that surround natural diamonds.

I can’t stop raving about this experience and about MiaDonna! He shopped around at other retailers who sold ethical diamonds, conflict free, or simulated diamonds, but found most were simply CZ’s with diamond coating or natural diamonds that we really couldn’t say for sure were conflict free. He wanted me to have only the best and chose the miadonna diamond hybrid carefully. I couldn’t be more pleased!

Thank you so much, and I will definitely be coming back for the matching band and we both plan on using MiaDonna in the future for our jewelry needs.

Yours Truly,


(Customer photo of the Ali Engagement Ring)

See the Ali Engagement Ring on here


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iPod Touch Giveaway from MiaDonna®

Tim Dabson, a DeBeers Executive Director was quoted saying:

 “We know people over 55 treasure diamonds, but that’s not so clear for the iPod generation”

We agree with Tim and his statement above. There’s a new generation evolving that has access to unlimited information and knowledge. With the truths behind conflict diamonds being exposed everyday and consumers steering towards more environmentally friendly, ethical diamonds; it will take more than a clever marketing ad to convince the “iPod generation” that diamonds are a girl’s best friend.

In honor of this movement we are going to celebrate by giving away this 8gb iPod touch!


 “”” How To Enter “””

1. “LIKE” MiaDonna&Co. on Facebook by clicking HERE.

2. Click “SHARE” under the iPod Touch Giveaway post  and “Share The Fun” on your wall.

3. Comment on the Facebook giveaway post and tell us your thoughts on Tim’s quote.

Winner will be chosen at random on April 16th, 2012.

That’s it……. GOOD LUCK!!

Be sure to check out our friends at The Greener Diamond on Facebook and see the difference purchasing a conflict free ring from MiaDonna® can make!

Browse  Conflict free Engagement Rings


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Snooki’s Engagement Ring

Snooki’s Engagement Ring




In case you missed it, the Jersey Shore celeb Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is engaged. Snooki’s Engagement Ring comes from boyfriend Jionni LaValle and was purchased from NJ designer Ben Badkas of B&B jewelry.

Jionni got down on one knee and popped the question to Snooki on the balcony and the W Hotel in Hoboken, New Jersey.

The custom designed engagement ring features an eternity style shank holding 2 carats of prong set accenting diamonds with a 3.02 carat princess cut center diamond in a 4 prong basket setting.

The 5 carat stunner is reported to cost a whopping $55,000.00.



If you like the look of Snooki’s engagement ring you can design your own engagement ring or take a look at these popular styles with a similar sensibility.

 The Tyra Engagement Ring


 The Christine Engagement Ring


The Novu Engagement Ring


 The Bianca Engagement Ring


 The Gwyneth Engagement Ring


The Brinkley Engagement Ring



Browse more designer Engagement Rings at or search for more of your favorite Celebrity Engagement Rings.

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Halo Engagement Rings

Halo Engagement Rings


Are you looking for a little more sparkle from your engagement ring? A halo engagement ring can do just that and still keep your ring very affordable.

Halo engagement rings do a fabulous job of accenting the center stone and giving the entire a piece a larger overall profile. Most halo rings can accommodate any shape of center stone. The halo itself can be styled also. Choosing between channel set, bead set or pavé set accenting diamonds can compliment the look of the ring’s center stone and design.

While the price range for halo rings does vary greatly, choosing a halo design will give you a bigger, brighter looking ring at a much more affordable price when compared to a single larger center stone.


Here are a few Halo engagement rings from


The Peaches Halo engagement ring with a 2.50 carat Diamond Hybrid® and pavé set accenting diamonds.



The Heirloom halo engagement ring was inspired by the Tiffany&Co. Legacy, shown here with a Radiant cut Diamond Hybrid® center stone.



The Madelyn Halo engagement ring with Round cut Diamond Hybrid® and pavé set accenting diamonds.



The Tinkerbell halo engagement ring with a hearts and arrows cut Diamond Hybrid® center and channel set accenting diamonds.



The Lovely halo engagement ring with a round brilliant Diamond Hybrid® center and pavé accented halo, shank and gallery.



The Infinity halo engagement ring with a round hearts and arrows cut Diamond Hybrid® center and pavé set halo that flow to its unique twisted shank design. 




The Kenya halo engagement ring with a pink sapphire center stone accented with pavé set diamonds on the halo and shank.



The CoCo halo engagement ring with an emerald cut Diamond Hybrid® center and a pavé diamonds in the halo and split shank.



The Ryder halo engagement ring with a princess cut Diamond Hybrid® center stone and pavé set accenting diamonds on the halo and split shank.



The Harmony halo engagement ring with a hearts and arrows cut Diamond Hybrid® center stone and pavé set accenting diamonds on the halo and triple split shank.



The Luxury halo engagement ring with a blue sapphire center stone and channel set accenting diamonds on the halo, shank and gallery. 



The Empress halo engagement ring with a blue sapphire center stone with pavé set accenting diamonds in the halo and shank as well as accenting diamonds channel set into the split shank.




The Megan halo engagement ring with a princess cut Diamond Hybrid® and heavily accented halo and shank.




The Katherine halo engagement ring with a Pear cut Diamond Hybrid® and a very delicate channel set halo and shank.



The Renee halo engagement ring showing a hearts and arrows cut Diamond Hybrid® center with round brilliant accented halo and shank.



The Kat halo engagement ring showing an Oval cut Diamond Hybrid® center stone with a two tone yellow on white gold halo and gallery.



The Kennedy halo engagement ring set with a Princess cut Diamond Hybrid® center and round brilliant accenting diamonds in the halo and shank. 



The Lily Star halo engagement ring inspired by a Tiffany&Co design is set with a hearts and arrows cut Diamond Hybrid® center stone and is accented with a unique twisting halo encrusted with round brilliant accenting diamonds.



 Every halo engagement ring from is individually hand crafted in the USA at the time of your order and is created using only the finest recycled gold, platinum and palladium.

Did you know that your purchase from immediately begins repairing damaged villages in Africa? Click on the image below to learn more about the difference MiaDonna® customers have already made.


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Design your own Engagement Ring with MiaDonna®



   Design Your Own Engagement Ring




Design your own Engagement ring at MiaDonna® and get exactly what you want! Whether you’re looking to alter an existing style or create an engagement ring from your imagination, it is all possible and very affordable at MiaDonna®. 

 Here is one of our latest custom designed rings with a fantastic testimonial from its new owner:

“…I did pick up my ring and it is BEAUTIFUL!…anyway – it really is special and I can’t believe how much sparkle and fire the stones have…the design is very different too…Anyway – we both decided we are going to tell those that ask, what the stones really are, with pride that we didn’t spend the 800% mark up that there is on jewelry…When I first met [my fiancé] he told me – some day I’m gonna get you a ring – I have to spend 3 months salary right? So I educated him on the reality of the diamond industry and what a farce it really is…I’d rather spend money on traveling…anyway thank goodness he listens to me….Thank you again for all of your help…”

                                                                                                                                Melissa, New York

The Three Stone custom design in its CAD (computer aided design) rendering.

 …and here is the finished ring. This unique custom designed Three Stone Ring holds a 2.50 carat Radiant cut MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid® center stone and is flanked on either side by 0.50 carat Half Moon cut MiaDonna Diamond Hybrids®. This gorgeous design was created from our eco-friendly Pure 950 Palladium and is also accented with approx. 0.33 carats of natural recycled diamonds.

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Learn More

MiaDonna offers a 15 day "In your hands" return policy. This simply means you have 15 days to view your jewelry from the day it arrives at your home to decide if we have held up our end of the bargain to deliver you something special. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase we will refund your money free of any restocking fees or any other hidden costs. For full details please see our Return Policy and be sure to review our Lifetime Guarantee, Complimentary Insurance Policy and Theft, Loss and Damage Policy.


Learn More

Our Man-Made Diamonds (also known as Lab-created Diamonds) are produced using the most scientifically advanced methods to create results that are optically, physically, and chemically identical to a natural diamond, without the conflict or price of traditional diamonds. Our Man-Made Diamonds are produced in a laboratory setting that simulates the earth's natural growing environment. Our Diamond Hybrids®, on the other hand, are constructed from a non-precious crystal core that is infused with a form of Lab-Created Diamond to create the realistic natural beauty you expect.

At MiaDonna® we are committed to love, humanity and the earth by focusing on sustainability through every step when creating our superior line of quality Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring Sets and Fine Jewelry. We start by using the finest grade eco-friendly metals, which can be accented with recycled natural side diamonds in sizes below 0.20 carats. You can then select your conflict free center stone from our extensive selection of Man-Made Diamonds (which are Lab Grown Diamonds), the Diamond Hybrid® (a hand cut diamond infused diamond simulant) or Lab Created Gemstones (which are Lab Grown Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds). With each purchase we plant a tree on your behalf and a donation is made to The Greener Diamond Foundation, funding agricultural projects in mining provinces in Africa.




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