Two Wedding Bands are Better than One

The BEST part about Wedding Ring Sets is that you can customize them to match your personal style.

We are LOVING the trend of wearing two ‘wedding bands’ – sandwiching the Engagement Ring – creating a stacked set that is sure to turn heads. 

Two Bands are Better than One | Tyra Wedding Set

Traditionally the wedding band, presented during the wedding ceremony, is the ring worn closest to the heart – adding a second band worn on top of the engagement ring (closest to the tip of the ring finger) is becoming more popular – with so many combos to choose from we can see why!

 Two Bands are Better than One | Renee Wedding Set

Are two bands right for you?

  • SYMMETRY – some ladies prefer a ‘balanced’ look with a complimentary top and bottom wedding band


  • ANNIVERSARY GIFT – most often a second band is added to the set in honor of the 1st or 10th anniversary


  • FIRST CHILD/PUSH PRESENT – this newer trend is where a gift is given to the mother to mark the occasion of her giving birth to their child

 Two Bands are Better than One | Stack em up

Who says that they have to match?

We LOVE these non-matching sets…from adding a touch of blue with sapphire accents to a totally unique custom set – adding a second band is a unique touch that any woman would LOVE! 

Two Bands are Better then One | Tyra Wedding Set with matching Blue Sapphire Wedding Bands

Two Bands are Better than One | Custom Wedding Set | Jessica Three Stone Ring with Two Custom Wedding BandsDid you know?

When you purchase a MiaDonna Wedding Set you automatically receive 20% off of the wedding band! If you are interested in purchasing a SECOND wedding band, contact one of our fantastic Customer Service Specialists to discuss receiving an ADDITIONAL 20% off of the second band – how can you resist! 

Whether you like the symmetry of two matching bands or the contrast of a mixing it up the MiaDonna team is here to help you create the Wedding Ring Set of your dreams. 


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Ring in the New Year with $500!

Do you have a FAVORITE MiaDonna Man Made Diamond Engagement Ring or maybe you covet a pair of the Diamond Halo Earrings – share your dream MiaDonna item on your Instagram account for a chance to win $500

Ring in the New Year Giveaway | How to Enter |

Entering is easy…

  • Start by taking a picture of your prized MiaDonna jewelry item or head over to to find a photo of your favorite piece.
  • Then simply post a photo or video of your favorite MiaDonna jewelry to your Instagram account and tag the post with @miadonnadiamond and #RITNY500.
  • Be sure to LET THE WORLD KNOW by telling your friends, family and colleagues to search #RITNY500 within their Instagram account, find your post, and like it.
  • The image or video with the MOST LIKES at the end the Giveaway Period will win $500 in the form of a check – how AWESOME is that!

Ring in the New Year Giveaway | Instagram Example Entry



Which of your favorite MiaDonna jewelry items are you going to share?




Don’t miss out – you have until 12/31 to enter!

Ring in the New Year Giveaway | Contest Ends |

What better way to start the New Year!


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Meet Christopher & Briana | MiaDonna’s featured Celebrity Couple!

Meet Christopher & Briana | MiaDonna's featured Celebrity Couple | The Proposal & Ring Everyone LOVES a LOVE STORY!

?Here is Christopher & Briana’s?

I met Briana, my future wife, back in college in Southern California. A mutual friend of mine, Trevor, introduced us at a country club called Incahoots. Briana and I got to talking and instantly hit it off. We danced all night, exchanged numbers and immediately started texting each other. After several exchanges via text message, we decided to go out on a date. The date went well and we decided to start seeing each other a bit. Unfortunately, I was not really willing to settle down completely so our time together quickly came to an end.

This actually led to the beginning of our friendship. This was a companionship that developed over 2 years that has now become the base of our relationship.

The stars aligned two years later. We found our paths crossing again as we were both single and decided to try dating again. This time the result was much different. Our friendship ended up taking our relationship to a level, which it had not reached before. Realizing that I had a great thing on my hands, I decided to commit and make Briana my girlfriend.

Our love story has never been a traditional one in any sense. We have so much fun together and are always up to some type of adventure. We never take ourselves seriously and live out the laugh often motto in life. Also, as I am a pilot, the world of Southern California has shrunk to a short hour flight to anywhere.

With any strong and proven relationship there are tests and trials, which either make or break you, and ours is no different. The best test that we faced was my application and eventual hiring into the United States Air Force (Air National Guard) as a pilot on the C-130J Hercules.

Meet Christopher & Briana | MiaDonna's featured Celebrity Couple | Their LOVE story

This trial put huge strains on our relationship and really made us see if we had what it took to make it the distance. I would often leave for several weeks at a time to do various testing or attend schools for the military that would prepare me to join the USAF.

In summer of 2012, I got the call that I was going to leave to officer school in Alabama at Maxwell AFB. I started talking to my parents and friends, and they all asked what our plans were as a couple as these next few years were going to be hard, as anyone who has ever tried a long distance relationship knows.

I started thinking and realized, I cared for Briana more than just a girlfriend and I wanted to commit to spending the rest of my life with her. So I planned out the engagement and started looking for rings.

I immediately talked to my stepbrother who had recently gotten engaged and asked him how he went about it. I had never been a fan of the small jewelry chains and their pricey questionable rings, and was looking for other alternatives. My stepbrother mentioned this company called MiaDonna, and told me about the process he had of designing his own ring. This was something that interested me very much. I talked to Briana about my stepbrother getting a MiaDonna diamond and what her feeling was about it. We both instantly agreed that MiaDonna’s values were aligned with ours.

The more I started researching mined diamonds, we realized that we didn’t feel comfortable spending that much money on something with such a dishonest backstory.

When we found out MiaDonna’s diamonds are conflict-free and made in the United States, our choice was sealed. The icing on the cake, however, was that MiaDonna gives back to the community.

I knew that Briana wanted a certain design to her ring, so I began designing my own custom ring to make it look perfect to what I thought she wanted. One day in the middle of drawing out the ring, I was looking through the hundreds of selections, and I stumbled upon the exact ring that I was designing – Petals!

I immediately got in contact with MiaDonna, and the customer service was OUTSTANDING. I came from a customer service background, working at Disneyland for over 5 years, and this customer service was above and beyond! They worked with me week in and week out getting the perfect ring and diamond, and made sure it arrived in time for the perfect proposal! I couldn’t imagine using anyone else for our special moment in time.


Chistopher’s perfect proposal!

I always told Briana that no engagement was going to happen until after I was done with my initial pilot training. This happened to be over 18 months. She didn’t like it, but understood it. I could see she was getting frustrated with it since we had been dating officially for almost 2 years. This was all part of my plan!

After I got back from officer training in Alabama, and initial flight screening in Colorado, I set the plan in motion. I knew that I was leaving for pilot training around the start of December, and I would spend the year and a half on the road and out of state.

This would mean I would Christmas and miss her 25th birthday, so I told her we would have to do a “fancy date” night before I leave to celebrate those special dates before I left. She always loves when I surprise her with those fancy dates. So we set our date for November 16th 2012.

The plan was officially in motion. She always mentioned that she wanted to get engaged around friends and family. With that plan in mind, I sent out a Facebook invite to all of our friends and family for a “Commissioning Party/Briana’s 25th birthday party.” This was going to be a surprise to everyone else as well.

Aviation has always been a huge part of our relationship and the military was now very quickly becoming a part of it as well. I talked to my friend who has a hangar full of classic aviation memorabilia and a location big enough to hold several people. A classic airplane was also flown out to stand as the backdrop for the engagement.

Meet Christopher & Briana | MiaDonna's featured Celebrity Couple | Classic Plane

The night of November 16th came and I picked Briana up at her house in our fancy clothes, and blindfolded her immediately as she got into the car so she wouldn’t know where we were going. As we got closer to the hangar, I “stopped for gas” which was really a ploy so I could change into my dress blues for the engagement.

I got into my blues and we arrived into the hangar, surrounded by 50 of our friends and family. Briana was still blindfolded when I walked her in. Telling her she couldn’t take off her blindfold until I gave her the Christmas/birthday present I had for her.

As we walked her into the hangar, my mom started playing her favorite song -Train’s “Marry Me.” Immediately my hands started shaking a bit, as I finally saw all of our friends and family. Briana started to get an idea that maybe something wasn’t quite what it seemed.

I walked her in and placed her back facing the crowd so all she saw when she took off the blindfold was myself and the airplane behind me. Once in position, I told her to take off her blindfold and she saw that I was now not in my fancy dress, but in my dress blues. She immediately started crying, and my whole speech that I had planned in my head was immediately reduced to a few short words that had nothing to do with my initial plan. The nervousness was overwhelming and unlike anything I had ever felt before. This was it.

At that point I dropped to one knee and brought out the beautiful ring from MiaDonna.

Meet Christopher & Briana | MiaDonna's featured Celebrity Couple | The Proposal

She immediately fell in love and it was EVERYTHING she wanted. It was a perfect moment in time.

Since then she has gotten so many compliments about the ring. It truly was the perfect fit for her and she is so in love to this day.

Recently when my friend, Trevor was planning on getting engaged, he was going through the same issues I went through. I told him all about MiaDonna and he found the same amazing experience that I had.

MiaDonna is an AMAZING company and anyone who is thinking about getting engaged is crazy not to check out the beautiful rings and excellent customer service that is provided by the family at MiaDonna.

BONUS: Christopher captured their perfect proposal on video!

The magic happens at about 2 minutes 40 seconds…


CONGRATULATIONS Christopher & Briana!

THANK YOU for sharing your love story with us!



Do you want to be a featured couple at

From time to time we will add a new Featured Couple and we would LOVE for it to be you! Being the Featured Couple includes a blog post on you and your partner with your picture and testimonial as well as a highlighted testimonial on our testimonials page. Please send us your images, videos, suggestions, kind words, etc… We know you have a great love story to tell and we want to hear it!

There are 3 ways you can do a testimonial for MiaDonna and Company OR The Greener Diamond.

1. Call us and leave a voicemail 
Call: 1866 996 9642 
Enter extension: 5 
Leave us your message

2. Send us an email

3. YouTube Video
Upload your video to or and send us the link.

Get creative, but please remember to include:
1. Your first name (and your partners)
2. If and what you purchased at MiaDonna & Co.
3. Your message 
4. Your images and/or videos

We look forward to hearing from you!

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Do you take this Engagement Ring ‘Till Death Do You Part’?

In honor of All Hallows’ Eve we thought it would be spook-tacular to share some of MiaDonna’s edgier Engagement Ring and Wedding Set designs featuring dark and vampy details… 

  • Black Diamonds

  • Blood Red Rubies

  • Fire Opals

  • ‘Mysterious’ Alexandrite

Do you take this Engagement Ring ‘Till Death Do You Part’?

If you are a modern bride who casts off the “traditional” diamond solitaire and white wedding for something more unique – something more YOU – we hope to inspire you with hauntingly beautiful designs. 

We think you will agree that these rings are TO DIE FOR!

Do you take this Engagement Ring Till Death Do You Part | Black Diamonds | miadonnadiamondblog Do you take this Engagement Ring Till Death Do You Part | Rubies | miadonnadiamondblog Do you take this Engagement Ring Till Death Do You Part | Fire Opals | miadonnadiamondblog Do you take this Engagement Ring Till Death Do You Part | Alexandrite | miadonnadiamondblog

One of the best parts about an Engagement Ring or Wedding Set is that you get to show it off everyday…why not have fun with it and choose something that speaks to your personal style or love story. Let the MiaDonna team help you find your perfect Engagement Ring – individually hand crafted just for you! 

Do you take this Engagement ring till death do you part | Made for eachother | Etsy Silhouetteweddings


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MiaDonna’s FRIDAY FAVORITE | Nichole’s Pick!


I am excited FRIDAY is finally here, because this week’s FAVORITE MiaDonna item was chosen by ME! 

MiaDonna FRIDAY FAVORITE |Nichole's Pick


Nichole’s pick this week is…
THE ELLISE | Wedding Set

I knew from the moment I started working at MiaDonna that I wanted to trade in my diamond wedding set for one of MiaDonna’s Diamond Hybrid® wedding sets, like Anna-Mieke I wanted to be confident I was not wearing a conflict diamond and with the beauty and affordability of the Diamond Hybrid® I could have the GORGEOUS wedding set I had always dreamed of. 

I chose the 3.0ctw Ellise Wedding Set, because I wanted an attention getting, statement wedding set – that not only told my personal love story (past, present and future), but was also a conversation starter.

I love working for MiaDonna and I am proud to represent the mission each day – there is nothing better than getting to share about MiaDonna with anyone who asks “Where did you get your GORGEOUS wedding set?”!

MiaDonna FRIDAY FAVORITE | Nichole's Pick | Ellise Wedding Set


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MiaDonna’s NEW Portland, Oregon Showroom – schedule an appointment!

Now you can drool over MiaDonna’s Man Made Diamond Engagement Rings in person! 

The MiaDonna & Company showroom is officially open in America’s Greenest City, Portland, Oregon. If you live in the Pacific Northwest or plan on visiting anytime soon – we would LOVE to meet you! 

MiaDonna's Portland Oregon Showroom 

Do you secretly obsess over the rings at or stalk us on social media to see the latests styles?

Let us spoil you!

Shown by appointment only, MiaDonna’s personal shopper’s time and attention is devoted especially to you while you are here.

We are certain you will feel at home cozied up to the fireplace, enjoying a glass of champers and discussing (or trying on) your dream Engagement Ring.

*TIP: Bring along friends or family members to view along with your or help choose the design you have always envisioned.

MiaDonna's Portland, OR Showroom | Come visit us - Schedule a one-on-one appointment!

If you LOVE seeing pictures and videos of MiaDonna jewelry, imagine what it would be like to see our handcrafted Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring Sets, Man Made Diamonds and Diamond Hybrids in person!

Who wouldn’t want to try on this BEAUTIFUL Heirloom Engagement Ring…

 …while enjoying a glass of champagne in our NEW Luxury Showroom!

MiaDonna's Portland Oregon Showroom | Schedule an appointment

Did you know MiaDonna has a GORGEOUS selection of accessories too?

Visit the MiaDonna showroom to check out our earrings, pendants and right hand rings – perfect for anniversary gifts, bridal jewelry, bridesmaid’s gifts or a little something sparkly to add to your personal jewelry collection. 

MiaDonna's Portland OR Showroom | Diamond Pendant | Bridal Accessory, Anniversary Gift 

Don’t wait…Visit MiaDonna’s PORTLAND, OREGON showroom today!


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MiaDonna FRIDAY FAVORITE | Andrew’s Pick!

Looking to get a guy’s perspective?

This week’s FRIDAY FAVORITE was chosen by MiaDonna’s FAVORITE guy …and General Manager, Andrew!

MiaDonna FRIDAY FAVORITE | Andrew's Pick

Andrew’s pick this week is…

THE MARILYN | Accented Wedding Set

Andrew has a great eye for style, so it is no wonder he chose a classic design like the Marilyn Accented Wedding Set. 

The Marilyn Wedding Set features a delicate diamond accented engagement ring and matching diamond wedding band. The gorgeous engagement ring is customizable with your choice of MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid®, Man Made Diamond or Lab Created Gem center stone and both the engagement ring and wedding band are accented with recycled natural diamonds going approx. 3/4 around the shank. 

MiaDonna FRIDAY FAVORITE | Andrew's Pick | Marilyn Accented Wedding Set 


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Learn More

MiaDonna offers a 15 day "In your hands" return policy. This simply means you have 15 days to view your jewelry from the day it arrives at your home to decide if we have held up our end of the bargain to deliver you something special. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase we will refund your money free of any restocking fees or any other hidden costs. For full details please see our Return Policy and be sure to review our Lifetime Guarantee, Complimentary Insurance Policy and Theft, Loss and Damage Policy.


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Our Man-Made Diamonds (also known as Lab-created Diamonds) are produced using the most scientifically advanced methods to create results that are optically, physically, and chemically identical to a natural diamond, without the conflict or price of traditional diamonds. Our Man-Made Diamonds are produced in a laboratory setting that simulates the earth's natural growing environment. Our Diamond Hybrids®, on the other hand, are constructed from a non-precious crystal core that is infused with a form of Lab-Created Diamond to create the realistic natural beauty you expect.

At MiaDonna® we are committed to love, humanity and the earth by focusing on sustainability through every step when creating our superior line of quality Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring Sets and Fine Jewelry. We start by using the finest grade eco-friendly metals, which can be accented with recycled natural side diamonds in sizes below 0.20 carats. You can then select your conflict free center stone from our extensive selection of Man-Made Diamonds (which are Lab Grown Diamonds), the Diamond Hybrid® (a hand cut diamond infused diamond simulant) or Lab Created Gemstones (which are Lab Grown Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds). With each purchase we plant a tree on your behalf and a donation is made to The Greener Diamond Foundation, funding agricultural projects in mining provinces in Africa.




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