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Custom Design your dream Engagement Ring today!

Whether you LOVE Man Made Diamonds, Lab Created Gemstones or our GORGEOUS Diamond Hybrid®, we can help you Custom Design the Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring Set of your dreams! 

Custom Design your dream Engagement Ring with MiaDonna

Being able to Custom Design your own Engagement Ring is an exciting, romantic and easy process at MiaDonna®

Don’t settle for anything less than the perfect design, cut and size for you. Whether you have been dreaming of the perfect ring in your mind or you saw a beautiful antique design that you want to replicate, we can help. We have the artisan talent, tools and experience to create your dream Custom Engagement Ring.

  • Free Custom Design estimates and quotes
  • Affordably priced
  • Custom designs completed in under 4 weeks
  • One-on-one support with our Custom Design team throughout the entire process
  • Computerized images (CAD) or hand carved wax model imagery for viewing/approval

Custom Design your dream Engagement Ring with MiaDonna

The Custom Design process involves:

  1. Confirm your design concept – Start by collecting or creating images, begin thinking about the materials (center stone, accenting stones and metal).
  2. Submit an estimate request for your dream ring design.
  3. After you receive your estimate, if you would like to move forward with creating your Custom Engagement Ring, we will start engineering your ring design by putting together your complete and detailed custom quote pricing including metal weights and diamond/gem weights for your design. We are happy to honor your quote for 30 days from the day you receive.

DON’T WAIT any longer…Get the process started today with your own custom design quote.

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Be inspired: Floral Engagement Rings

Spring has officially arrived and we are feeling inspired by Floral Engagement Rings

Show how your love has bloomed with an Engagement Ring or Wedding Ring Set featuring feminine details from one of Mother Nature’s most beautiful gifts – FLOWERS. 

At MiaDonna we have a few Engagement Rings inspired by floral design elements…

Zelia Engagement Ring | Beaded Floral Prong Head

Tory Antique Engagement Ring | Delicate Cutout Floral Filigree

Winter Rose or Spicy Engagement Ring | Abstract Floral Prong Head

*The Winter Rose and Spicy Engagement Rings feature the same unique prong head – the difference – one has a diamond band* 

At MiaDonna each ring is hand crafted to order, so we have many designs behind the scenes still waiting to make their appearance. Check out these four floral inspired Engagement Rings – please contact one of our fantastic customer service specialists for pricing.  

With so many GORGEOUS flowers in nature, there is endless design inspiration to choose from. Whether you fancy an Engagement Ring that features a more whimsical floral design showcasing engraving or cutout filigree or something more literal, pulling specific details like petals or vines into the band or head/gallery design – we can help. 

Let MiaDonna’s artisan team create the Custom Floral Engagement Ring of your dreams.

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Modern Brides LOVE Asscher cut Diamonds

Are you a modern bride who’s Engagement Ring taste leans towards clean lines and unique details? 

If you answered “YES”, then consider MiaDonna’s Asscher cut Diamond Hybrid® as the perfect center stone for your modern style. 

MiaDonna Diamond Hybrid

The Asscher cut Diamond Hybrid® is a beautiful and unique choice. It is the pavilion that defines the uniqueness of this shape, which has a “scissor cut” with all facets, step-cut down toward the culet. The cut corners add to its geometric appeal, making the diamond appear almost octagonal. This diamond shape is beautiful in a simple solitaire or in a setting that has simple geometric lines or side stones such as baguettes. Ideally, the setting for an Asscher cut should not hide the unique cut corners.

CHECK OUT a few of our favorite Modern Engagement Ring designs set with Asscher cut Diamond Hybrids®

You can purchase your Asscher cut Diamond Hybrid® in a variety of sizes:

  • 0.85ct (5mm x mm)
  • 1.5ct (6.5mm x 4.5mm)
  • 2.0ct (7mm x 5mm)
  • 3.0ct (8mm x 5.5mm)
  • 4.0ct (9mm x 6mm)

Should you not be able to find the Modern Engagement Ring design or Asscher cut Diamond you are dreaming of, please contact one of our fantastic personal shoppers and they would be happy to help you create exactly what you a are looking for. 

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MiaDonna’s TOP 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas



Show your love this Valentine’s Day with a gift from MiaDonna!


Having trouble deciding what to choose? We have a wide selection of Engagement Rings, Three Stone Rings, Earrings and Pendants – all customizable with your choice of Man Made Diamonds, Diamond Hybrids or Lab Created Gemstones

Check out our TOP 5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas ♥ ♥ ♥ 

  1. Three Stone Engagement or Anniversary Ring

  2. Pink! …man made diamonds, diamond hybrids or lab created gems

  3. Rose Gold

  4. Rubies

  5. Eternity or Infinity Band Design



 #1 Three Stone Engagement or Anniversary Ring 

♥ Say ‘I love you’ with a ring that represents your past, present and future together ♥


Clockwise from left: Rosie Three Stone Ring, Reflection Three Stone Ring, Jessica Three Stone Ring, Twilight Three Stone Ring 


#2| Pink! …man made diamonds, diamond hybrids or lab created gems 

♥ Pink is the perfect color for Valentine’s Day ~ symbolizing unconditional love ♥

Pink Engagement Rings

Clockwise from left: Selema Three Stone Ring, Tory Solitaire Ring, Happy Three Stone Ring, Bella Antique Ring 


#3Rose Gold  

♥ Rose Gold adds the perfect feminine touch any woman would love

Rose Gold Engagement Rings

Clockwise from left: Kenya Engagement Ring, Gwen Antique Engagement Ring, Custom Engagement Ring, Kat Antique Engagement Ring



Red is the color of love, what could be more perfect for Valentine’s day  ♥

Ruby Engagement Rings

Clockwise from left: Phoebe Engagement Ring, Celestial Three Stone Ring, Tiffany Wedding Set, Crescendo Engagement Ring


#5 | Eternity or Infinity Band Designs 

♥ Celebrate with an eternity band or infinity design representing forever  ♥

Eternity Bands and Infinity Bands

Clockwise from left: Arctic Eternity Band, Allure Wedding Set, Infinity Engagement Ring, Baby Tyra Wedding Band

Still trying to select that perfect gift? One of our fantastic personal shoppers is waiting to help you, so don’t hesitate to contact us today!

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What is Palladium?

Choosing between solid white gold, yellow gold, platinum or palladium is primarily a style preference. However, the setting choice contributes to the value and wearability, and should be a factor in the final selection of metal for yourself or your loved one. At MiaDonna every setting is created using only the finest eco-friendly (recycled) solid gold, 950 pure platinum or 950 pure palladium from refineries that represent our commitment to the earth.  

While most jewelry consumers know what gold and platinum are, we often get asked WHAT IS PALLADIUM?

We love answering this question, because palladium is the luxury metal of the future! The Palladium Alliance describes it as Tough, Sexy and Sensitive…

TOUGH: Palladium is strong and durable. It is low density, which means it weighs less than platinum – allowing bigger and bolder jewelry designs to be created and worn with ease. Palladium is from the same family of precious metals as platinum and shares its strength. Plus, since it’s naturally white, there’s no expensive maintenance to keep it brilliant for life.

SEXY: Palladium is becoming the metal of choice for a growing number of fashion-forward jewelry designers and is typically less expensive than platinum or gold, making it the preference for savvy shoppers who want affordable luxury.

SENSITIVE: Those allergic to some other metals will love palladium’s purity. Palladium is pure because it gets its color and luster from nature. Other metals that are not naturally white are mixed with nickel to appear white – and nickel can cause allergic reactions.

Why should you choose palladium?

While palladium may seem like a new metal, it was actually discovered in 1809 and has been used by jewelry professionals since 1939. Often called the ‘best kept secret’ of the jewelry industry, with the trend of palladium growing stronger each season. We often recommend palladium to our clients who love the luxuriousness of platinum, but don’t necessarily love the price point as palladium is a fantastic way to get all the perks of platinum, but at an 18K gold price. palladium also an excellent metal to use with very fine delicate settings that can benefit from its strength.

DURABILITY AND WEAR: Palladium is the hardest of our metals from the platinum family, and like platinum, it retains its metal when scratched. palladium will wear over time developing “patina”, which is considered by most to be a very desirable look. Patina is the sheen on the surface of the ring that is produced with time and age.

CREATION AND REPAIRS: Palladium requires a specialized jeweler to refinish pieces as it requires a considerable amount of heat and needs to be worked with carefully to ensure there will not be any durability problems. MiaDonna’s bench of jewelry professionals are highly skilled and qualified in creating pieces out of palladium and can make or repair any piece you buy from MiaDonna.

If you have considered palladium for your next Engagement Ring or Wedding Set purchase, let MiaDonna’s talented artisan team help you create the designer ring you have always dreamed of at a price you will adore!


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Meet MiaDonna’s new Celebrity Couple: Dejan and Nadia!

MiaDonna Celebrity Couple Dejan and Nadia

Chicago | 10.2013

“On January 1st, 2013 I got engaged to the love of my life. We had been dating for 6 years already so it was about time he popped the big question! It was the best day of my life. Dejan took me to a look out point to watch the fireworks. The lookout point is usually filled with people but we ended up being the only ones there. At midnight, he popped the questions- at first I was confused when he proceeded to kneel in about a foot of snow laying on the ground below us after he was telling me all these sweet things about our relationship. Dejan opened the ring box and I was amazed at the beauty and sparkle that was before me. The MiaDonna custom ring was absolutely stunning! It was truly the best way to start the new year being engaged to Dejan and now being able to wear this amazing jewelry piece that symbolizes so much about our relationship…

Recently, we sent the ring back to MiaDonna to have custom bands made for it- it is absolutely stunning and the craftsmanship is so perfect. I absolutely love the feminine look of the rose gold and I always catch myself staring down at my hand at least 5 times a day! Next year in Dec. 13, 2014 we will be getting married. We picked the date because it is the last time in our lifetime where we will see a consecutive date like this 12/13/14 and it is going to be a very special day. …I highly recommend this company for those of you who are looking for a greener way to live. The company is amazing and you will not be disappointed ordering directly from online like we did.”

Please CLICK HERE to visit Nadia’s personal blog with full review on her MiaDonna experience!

Check out these additional photos of this ADORABLE couple and their GORGEOUS Custom MiaDonna Wedding Set

Custom MiaDonna Wedding Set




Do you want to be a featured couple at MiaDonna.com?

From time to time we will add a new Featured Couple and we would LOVE for it to be you! Being the Featured Couple includes a blog post on you and your partner with your picture and testimonial as well as a highlighted testimonial on our testimonials page. Please send us your images, videos, suggestions, kind words, etc… We know you have a great love story to tell and we want to hear it!

There are 3 ways you can do a testimonial for MiaDonna and Company OR The Greener Diamond.

1. Call us and leave a voicemail 
Call: 1866 996 9642 
Enter extension: 5 
Leave us your message

2. Send us an email

3. You Tube Video
Upload your video to YouTube.com or Vimeo.com and send us the link.

Get creative, but please remember to include:
1. Your first name (and your partners)
2. If and what you purchased at MiaDonna & Co.
3. Your message 
4. Your images and/or videos

We look forward to hearing from you!


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Anna-Mieke’s Top 5 Engagement Ring Trend Predictions for 2014

Anna-Mieke Anderson MiaDonna's Founder and CEO


We recently sat down with MiaDonna’s founder and CEO, Anna-Mieke Anderson, and asked her what she predicts the Top 5 Engagement Ring Trends will be in 2014.

Her TOP 5 predictions are…

#1: Man Made Diamonds

“I predict that man made diamonds will gain popularity in 2014 [and beyond] with consumers leading this trend. Consumers making educated purchasing decisions about where their clothing is manufactured, how their food is labeled and where these products come from are the same consumers who are going to lead this trend by purchasing man made diamond alternatives; making a statement that wearing earth-mined (aka conflict) diamonds is like wearing real fur or eating shark fin soup, unethical and avoidable.” shares Anna-Mieke.

#2: Custom Engagement Rings

Anna-Mieke feels that, “Consumers want unique engagement rings, something that is special to them or something no one else has. At MiaDonna every ring we hand craft is customizable to each customer’s personal taste, with many rings being offered in 20 or more combinations. We also have the ability to help future brides and grooms custom design their own engagement rings and wedding sets from concept to finished product. This trend is very exciting for us as we love seeing our customers original ideas come to life”.

#3: Pop of Color

This trend has gained popularity over the years and Anna-Mieke predicts that it will continue into 2014. “Adding a ‘pop of color’ is an easy way to personalize your engagement ring and we have seen this trend increase with customers designing their dream engagement rings with fancy colored diamonds or gemstones. We are excited to see this trend continue as we expand our selection of fancy colored yellow, pink and blue man made diamonds as well as our lab created gemstones.”

#4: Fancy Shape Center Stones

MiaDonna has always offered an extensive selection of fancy shaped center stone options. Anna-Mieke predicts that, “Engagement rings are such a statement piece and no bride to be wants to show off a ring that everyone has already seen. We have noticed that brides and grooms are thinking beyond the traditional Round and Princess cut and are opting for fancy shaped center stones instead. I can see 2014 being the year of the Cushion, Asscher, Pear or Radiant cut!”.

#5: Yellow Gold

While rose gold was the unique choice in 2013, Anna-Mieke is predicting that yellow gold will be making a trendy come back in 2014. “While I have never been a huge fan of yellow gold, this season I am in love with it and we are seeing it gain in popularity. Yellow gold is warm in color which makes it look fantastic with any skin tone and looks amazing when paired with white or fancy colored diamonds and gems, allowing the stones to individually pop in the setting.”

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