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2015 – The Year for Lab-Grown Diamonds!

2015 - The Year for Lab-Grown Diamonds by MiaDonna CEO Anna-Mieke AndersonMiaDonna CEO, Anna-Mieke Anderson shares what an amazing year this has been for lab-grown diamonds! I am thrilled to be one of the industry pioneers forging this new era in diamonds. We are doing things now that I had only dreamed about doing 10 years ago.

Industry News – Lab-Grown Diamonds:

As 2015 comes to a close, I see the diamond and jewelry industry at a tipping point. Lab-grown diamonds are becoming increasingly more mainstream and consumers are demanding jewelry and diamond companies be held to much higher ethical standards. I am personally elated to see my vision of a greener diamond culture becoming a reality.

Over the last decade, the earth-mined diamond industry has underestimated and ridiculed us as they continued to trade in conflict diamonds. Through it all I have continued to stand by my mission – to create the highest quality, most beautiful, eco-friendly diamond jewelry available, while helping repair the lives and land damaged by the unethical conflict diamond industry. And now it gives me great joy to say we are doing things they never saw coming.

We are creating conflict-free type IIa lab-created diamonds in a safe modern-day lab environment that are better than earth-mined diamonds in EVERY. SINGLE. WAY. Up to 32ct in size, D in color, flawless in clarity and 30-40% less than earth-mined equivalents.

International Grown Diamond Association:

I am excited to announce the formation of the International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA) – a not-for-profit organization that represents the lab-grown diamond industry. The creation of this association is a significant historical milestone for the diamond industry as a whole. I am honored to be a founding member and to have the opportunity to work with a team of like-minded industry professionals, where together we can push for a socially responsible diamond industry.


The Greener Diamond Foundation:

With the Ebola outbreak in West Africa, this year has been a real rollercoaster of emotions. When we learned that our friends and team in Liberia were Ebola free we were ecstatic. However, we recently found out that the virus is back, creating new panic among locals. The hardships these people have endured and continue to endure weighs heavily on my mind and heart. It has been estimated that the Ebola outbreak has created 7,000 orphaned children and with most orphanages at capacity, local families are now volunteering to take in extra children.

While past efforts for The Greener Diamond (TGD) have been mainly concentrated on agriculture and creating job skills, we felt that switching gears and creating an additional project to help with the effects of Ebola on diamond mining communities was the best way for diamond consumers to help during this hard time. TGD has organized emergency supplies and are also helping by paying the tuition fees for many children who lost their parents as a result of Ebola.

Through this endeavor, we connected with an orphanage in Liberia, which has led us to fund our next farming project – The Elwou Orphanage Agricultural Project.

This farm will be linked to the Elwou Orphanage in Monrovia, Liberia. The orphanage currently hosts 80 children and six primary caregivers. With the assistance of our Liberia team, Youth Action International (YAI), the goal of this project will be to help this orphanage to grow food and raise livestock for self-consumption and resale. Unfortunately, until now this orphanage has been relying on aid given to them or begging to survive. This new flourishing farm will make this orphanage self-sustainable.

I sincerely want to thank all our MiaDonna & Company customers and supporters. You made this happen!!

The MiaDonna team:

I cannot end the year without thanking my talented team. I am beyond blessed to work with such an amazing group of people. It is one thing to have your own vision, but it is even more special when complete strangers decide that they want to work hard for your vision too. I couldn’t imagine being on this adventure with a better group of people. A BIG heartfelt THANK YOU to the MiaDonna team for wanting to “hang” with me every day, while helping to change the world – one eco-friendly diamond at a time.

The Future – 2016 and Beyond:

With 2015 being such an industry game changer, we know our future with lab-grown diamonds is unstoppable. The industry is evolving and as always MiaDonna is at the forefront. We will continue to be a resource for consumers while passionately participating in global efforts to end the trade of conflict diamonds. We don’t want consumers to fall out of love with diamonds, we want them to fall in love with this new era in diamonds by providing them with the most beautiful and scientifically advanced conflict-free diamonds available.

We don’t answer to shareholders, board members, mining companies, or De Beers. We will continue our promise to be a socially responsible advocate for diamond mining communities, global societies, and the earth. We are about making things right in 2016 and beyond!





Anna-Mieke’s TOP Engagement Ring Trends for 2016:


Last year Anna-Mieke predicted Ovals would be hot and mix and match sets would be in – and boy-oh-boy was she right – her engagement ring predictions for 2015 were all spot on! 


2015 - The Year for Lab-Grown Diamonds | 2016 Trends Stacked Bands

LOVING Anna-Mieke’s trend forecast for 2016….share with us in the comments if you agree!

  • Two tone rings! Mixed metals are trending and I know they will be BIG in 2016 too – especially combinations of rose and white gold.
  • Fancy color center stones! This is a trend I see carrying over from 2015. Whether colored diamonds or gemstones, I predict more couples will choose colored stones for their engagement rings in 2016.

2016 is all about embracing your style and being unique!



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Posted by Nichole Lawrence on Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The MOST BEAUTIFUL Lab-Grown Diamonds are at MiaDonna!

Lab-grown diamonds (also known as lab-created diamonds, man-made diamonds or pure grown diamonds) are grown in highly controlled laboratory conditions that simulate the earth’s natural growing environment, creating REAL DIAMONDS that are optically, chemically and atomically identical to earth-mined diamonds. However, with today’s technological advances we are creating them better than anything we will get out of the earth and they are free of any conflict.

Elite Diamond Collection by MiaDonna | The BEST pure grown diamonds are available at MiaDonna


 The most beautiful Lab-Grown Diamonds 


While people have been experimenting with diamond technology for over a century now, it has only been in the last decade that we have seen extreme growth and advances in creating gem grade diamonds in a lab. 

MiaDonna’s Elite Collection of lab-created diamonds is a selection of our finest quality lab-created diamonds, available in grades never seen until now. We are continually adding to this selection as lucky diamond lovers are snatching up these beauties faster than we can add them. We recently updated our selection with several more of the most beautiful diamonds we have ever seen. 


1.35ct FLAWLESS Round Brilliant Lab-Created Diamond


This stunning lab-grown diamond is D in color and IF (internally flawless) in clarity. Have you ever seen anything this perfect!


Shop this diamond!



Go big! 2.01ct Round Brilliant Lab-Created Diamond


It’s not often we see lab-created diamonds this beautiful over 2.0cts – E color, VS2 in clarity.


Shop this diamond!



Looking for something special? 1.60ct Cushion cut Lab-Created Diamond


This hand-picked diamond is an incredible special addition to our collection – F color, VS2 clarity.


Shop this diamond!



Looking for the best, but on a budget? 1.19ct Round Brilliant Lab-Created Diamond


YES it’s true! You can get a diamond over a carat that is this beautiful for under $9,000 – E color, VVS2 clarity


Shop this diamond!



Why are MiaDonna’s ‘Elite’ Collection of Lab-Grown Diamonds the BEST of the BEST?


The MOST BEAUTIFUL Lab-Grown Diamonds are at MiaDonna


The MiaDonna ‘Elite’ Diamond Collection truly is the best-of-the-best, so please secure your diamond today before it sells. If you purchase before 12-noon PST (Monday to Friday) you can have it the next business day, with our free overnight shipping.



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Celebrity Engagement Rings of 2015!

Take a deep breath ladies, because love is in the air in Hollywood and it seems to be contagious.

2015 has been a year of bling for many celebrities…from engagement announcements to wedding photos shared on social media we are loving every romantic minute. 


Wedding bells and selfie tells…

 2015 has been a year of celebrity engagement rings!


One thing is for certain, celebrity engagement rings boast bigger diamonds than the average engagement ring design, however, just like the rest of us, the styles they choose are as varied as the characters they play or the songs they sing.

We wanted to share with you some of our crush-worthy favorite celebrity engagement rings as well as MiaDonna’s affordable celebrity engagement ring look-alikes


 Celebrity Engagement Rings 2015 | MiaDonna


Whitney Port & Tim Rosenman – Married

Whitney and her new hubby met while he was an associate producer for MTV’s reality series The City. The adorable couple announced their engagement in November 2013 and married last month in Palm Springs. Whitney’s 3.oct Oval diamond ring with pavé set band is dreamy.



Get the MiaDonna ‘look-alike’…

Our designer inspired Novu Wedding Set is just as dreamy as Whitney’s ring. While it can be set with any shape diamond, let’s be really honest, the Oval cut is a head turner.

Celebrity Engagement Rings | Novu Wedding Set


Sofia Vergara & Joe Manganiello – Married

It’s official Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello are MARRIED! The gorgeous couple tied the knot last month surrounded by family and many of their celebrity friends. Sofia’s engagement ring is described as a 6.0ct Oval cut set in a stunning pavé diamond halo setting.



Get the MiaDonna ‘look-alike’…

The Fashionista Engagement Ring will have you feeling like a celebrity! This pavé diamond beauty is set with a cushion cut center stone giving it the same vintage feel as Sofia’s ring. 

Celebrity Engagement Rings | Fashionista Engagement Ring


Audrina Patridge & Corey Bohan – Engaged

Reality TV star Audrina Patridge was recently proposed to by her extreme sports loving boyfriend Corey Bohan. Corey designed the beautiful 6-prong solitaire in Australia before proposing to Audrina at the Summit House restaurant in Orange County.



Get the MiaDonna ‘look-alike’…

The 6-prong Traditional Engagement Ring is simply beautiful just like Audrina’s ring. If you prefer something more tapered like Audrina’s solitaire design we would also suggest the Kelway Engagement Ring



Aly Michalka & Stephen Ringer – Married

Two and a Half Men star Aly Michalka married her director boyfriend Stephen Ringer in Italy earlier this year. Aly’s art deco style engagement ring is a stunning princess shape with a large Round Brilliant center stone. 



Get the MiaDonna ‘look-alike’…

At MiaDonna we have several stunning vintage engagement rings inspired by designs from the past. To get Aly’s engagement ring look, we would suggest the Enchanted Engagement Ring

Celebrity Engagement Rings | Enchanted Engagement Ring


Do you LOVE Celebrity Engagement Rings? View our selection Celebrity Styles and their affordable MiaDonna look-a-likes!


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Have a question? Contact us by phone toll free at 1-866-996-9642 or email info@miadonna.com. In addition, Live Chat is available during most business hours.

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MiaDonna and The Greener Diamond are THANKFUL for YOU!

The MiaDonna team has many reasons to be THANKFUL, most importantly we are thankful for you. Yes, YOU! 

It is because of our amazing customer’s that we are able to give back

MiaDonna and The Greener Diamond is THANKFUL for YOU


MiaDonna and The Greener Diamond



This year, because of your support, The Greener Diamond has been able to accomplish some really great things! Two of our biggest projects were the ‘Liberia – Ebola Project’ and our newest farming project ‘The Greener Diamond Farm – Liberia’

Ebola Project:

While past efforts for The Greener Diamond (TGD) have been mainly concentrated on agriculture and creating job skills, TGD felt that switching gears to help with the effects of Ebola on diamond mining communities was the best way for diamond consumers to give back. With your help we have been able to help to families and orphanages in Liberia by…

  • Organizing emergency supplies for local communities
  • Donating Food and clothing to orphanages and single mothers
  • Paying the tuition fees for many of the children who lost their parents as a result of Ebola


The Greener Diamond Farm – Liberia:

Ebola took a huge toll on agriculture in these countries as many rural communities were put under quarantine, so they could not tend to their crops and were not able to plant the next year’s fields prior to the rainy season. The Greener Diamond is partnering with local foundations to implement our newest farm. This 10-acre tract of land is located in Liberia, Africa and it will provide food and income for 3 of the world’s poorest villages in rural Liberia.

  • The Plan: The Farm’s growing season will start in early May and end in October with the goal of 20 weeks.



Our Story + Your Love = A powerful force of good!

Where it all began…

Anna-Mieke, MiaDonna and The Greener Diamond founder –  started sponsoring a boy (Ponpon) in Liberia, Africa. I could see how positively my sponsorship was changing and affecting his life for the better – and I knew this needed to be done on a much larger scale.

MiaDonna and The Greener Diamond were created together, to work as a system towards the common goal of bringing the beauty of love back to diamonds by repairing the damage caused in the wake of the unethical harvesting of diamonds, gems and precious metals. People purchasing eco-friendly diamond jewelry from MiaDonna, eliminates the need to mine for these natural resources but it is also the funding source to build agricultural projects in diamond mining communities, so the locals can grow food instead of mining for diamonds.

MiaDonna and The Greener Diamond are Thankful for you | Our Story and Your Story | Ponpon 2005 to 2015


While Ponpon is all grown up now, he and Anna-Mieke still stay in touch weekly. He shared with her yesterday that new cases of Ebola are emerging again in his local community. Our thoughts are with those who have suffered and continue to suffer in Liberia. 



DON’T MISS OUT – Black Friday through Cyber Monday Deal!


MiaDonna Cyber Monday Promotion 2015


 Happy Thanksgiving from us to you!




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Why EVERYONE Should Buy Their Engagement Ring Online!

It’s the 21st century, most of us spend the day on our computers, tablets or phones either conducting business or socializing AND let’s not forget the shopping! While a lot of us are comfortable buying jeans, books or housewares online, buying jewelry or something as important as an Engagement Ring may seem intimidating.

Well… we are here to ease your mind and share with you why we think EVERYONE should buy their engagement ring online.

Why Everyone Should buy their Engagement Ring online_Ali Engagement Ring

Why EVERYONE Should Buy Their Engagement Ring Online!

The top 3 reasons why we think everyone should buy their engagement ring online are Convenience, Selection, and Price…

Why EVERYONE should buy their Engagement Ring online | MiaDonna.com



  • Shop in your Jammies – The BEST part about shopping for your ring online is not having to leave the comfort of your own home. 
  • Shop Anywhere – If you live with your partner it can be hard to “sneak away” to a jewelry store without have to lie about where you are going. If you are shopping online, you can be anywhere – shop while on lunch at work or at Starbucks getting your afternoon pick me up.
  • Shop Anytime – Shopping with a web-based e-tailer like MiaDonna means you can browse and purchase ANYTIME 24/7 – 365!
  • No Pressure Sales – Have you ever been into a ‘traditional brick and mortar jewelry store’ like those guys at the Mall? There is nothing more intimidating than talking budget with a stranger who will say anything to get you to purchase one of their rings. At MiaDonna, we do not work on commission, so there is no pressure to buy or even to talk budget as you get to customize your ring to your specifications, allowing you to choose an engagement ring that aligns with your budget best. 


Reason #2 – SELECTION

  • More Diamond Options – At MiaDonna we have an elite selection of lab-created diamonds you won’t find anywhere else as well as our world famous Diamond Hybrid for you to choose from – HOWEVER – if you don’t see the diamond you are looking for on our website, just contact us and we will do our best source exactly what you are searching for. 
  • More Combinations – Not only does MiaDonna offer an extensive selection of engagement ring and wedding set options, you can customize them to your exact specifications. We can craft any of our designs in our eco-friendly 14K or 18K white, yellow and rose gold as well as pure 950 palladium and platinum, you can also choose the lab-created diamond or Diamond Hybrid of your choice or you can select a lab-created gemstone for a pop-of-color. If you don’t see the customization options you are looking for, just contact us and we will help you to get the ring you have been dreaming of.
  • Handcrafted to Order – A ‘traditional brick and mortar’ jewelry store is happy to sell you a pre-casted ring from an overseas supplier, at MiaDonna we handcraft EVERY ring to order in the United States JUST FOR YOU. It really doesn’t get more personal than that, right?
Left to right: Two-Tone Solitare Engagement Ring, Socialite Engagement Ring, Crimson Wedding Set, Graeme Men’s Wedding Band


Reason #3 – PRICE

  • Time is money – Your time is valuable and by shopping online you save time, gas and energy versus driving all over town, going to multiple jewelers, to track down the perfect engagement ring or diamond

We make it easy to shop online with MiaDonna!

Why EVERYONE should buy their Engagement Ring online | We make it easy at MiaDonna.com

With luxury jewelry boutiques, like MiaDonna, available to you 24/7 – 365 why wouldn’t you purchase your engagement ring online? MiaDonna offers superior customer service via email, phone, and live chat as well as a Showroom for those who have browsed online, but still prefer to see things in person. 

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Till Death Do Us Part SALE – 2 Days Only.

Till Death Do us Part | 2 Day Sale | Engagement Ring Sale




For 2 days only we are offering an additional 20% off ALL SALE ITEMS (which are already offered at great savings). This engagement ring sale includes complimentary ring resizing (valued at $25-$35) and free shipping on all US orders.

- Just enter coupon code EXTRA20 at checkout -


Don’t miss out on this fantastic SALE event!

  • Take an extra 20% off all Sale Styles
  • Complimentary Ring Resizing (enter ring size in the order comments field at checkout)
  • Free Shipping on all U.S. Orders*


 Till Death Do us Part | 2 Day Sale


Check out the beautiful MiaDonna items on sale!

Engagement rings, Wedding bands and even a few Lab-created diamond loose stones

Till Death Do us Part Sale | 2 Days Only | Engagement Ring Sale

From left to right: Lynn Engagement Ring, Princess cut Lab-Created Diamond, Luana Engagement RingRound cut Lab-Created DiamondMonica Cocktail RingDash Wedding BandWinter Rose Engagement RingSunshine Engagement Ring, Traditional Solitaire Engagement Ring, Round cut Lab-Created Diamond


The Details:

When: October 30, 2015, 12:01 am PST through October 31, 2015, 11:59 pm PST.

What: ALL sale items

Complimentary Ring Re-Sizing: All Engagement Rings and Wedding Ring Sets can be re-sized, up or down, typically about half a size. Re-sizing a ring will add approximately 4 business days to your estimated shipping date. Re-sized rings are final sale and cannot be exchanged or returned. Free 2-day UPS shipping valid at miadonna.com on orders shipping to the continental U.S. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases and cannot be redeemed for cash. Select the Free Shipping method at checkout. Terms of offer are subject to change.

Terms & Conditions:

*Offer valid on the purchase of sale items in MiaDonna Showroom or online at miadonna.com from October 30, 2015, 12:01 am PST through October 31, 2015, 11:59 pm PST. Offer cannot be applied to previous purchases or the purchase of gift cards and cannot be redeemed for cash or used in combination with any other offer. To redeem online, enter coupon code EXTRA20 at checkout. Limit one promotional code per order. Standard sale terms and conditions apply. Terms of offer are subject to change.

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Engagement Season is almost here – are you ready?

Have you heard of “engagement season”? Consumer trends have shown, between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day is the most popular time of the year to get engaged. With recent statistics estimating approx. 40% of couples will get engaged during this time. Which leads us to our next question – are you ready for engagement season?

If you are still in shock that there is even a thing dubbed “engagement season” – we completely understand. And with that said, we are here to guide you through this ‘trendy’ time. 

3 Trends We Are Predicting This Engagement Season…


Lab-Created Diamonds    Rose Gold  ♥  Vintage Engagement Rings



One of the things we love most about being in the “business of love” is seeing the trends change. What might be popular this engagement season won’t be popular next year (or maybe it will). Based on customer feedback, this engagement season we are predicting that couples will opt for Lab-Created Diamonds, Vintage Engagement Ring styles and eco-friendly Rose Gold. And…let’s not forget the combos you could make combining all three trends into one ring. 



Lab-Created Diamond Engagement Rings


What is there not to love about Lab-Created Diamonds – they are MORE affordable, conflict-free, environmentally friendly and honestly the most beautiful and brilliant diamonds we’ve EVER seen. Enough said, right! 

Clockwise from top – here a few or our favorites! Calista Solitaire Engagement Ring, Lovely Engagement Ring, Phoebe Vintage Engagement Ring, Luxury Antique Engagement Ring



Vintage Engagement Rings – Antique Engagement Rings


There is no doubt that Vintage Engagement Rings are going to be popular this engagement season. Each ring is inspired by the past for today’s bride including unique antique embellishments like beading, milgrain, pave-set side stones, and handcrafted details you’d expect to see in a true heirloom engagement ring.  

Clockwise from top – here are a few of our favorites! Alice Antique Three Stone Ring,Kennedy Antique Engagement RingCustom Vintage Wedding SetMorrison Vintage Inspired Engagement Ring

 Engagement Season | Alice Antique Engagement Ring



Rose Gold Engagement Rings


Why blend in when you can stand out! We have seen an increase in popularity of couples choosing rose gold for their engagement rings. We think rose gold engagement rings are the perfect way to be different and stand out this engagement season. 

Clockwise from top – here are a few of our favorites! Kenya Engagement Ring, Luxury Engagement Ring, Aurora Vintage Three Stone Ring, Gwen Antique Engagement Ring


Wishing you an ‘Engagement Season’ full of “YES!”




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Learn More

MiaDonna offers a 15 day "In your hands" return policy. This simply means you have 15 days to view your jewelry from the day it arrives at your home to decide if we have held up our end of the bargain to deliver you something special. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase we will refund your money free of any restocking fees or any other hidden costs. For full details please see our Return Policy and be sure to review our Lifetime Guarantee, Complimentary Insurance Policy and Theft, Loss and Damage Policy.


Learn More

Our Man-Made Diamonds (also known as Lab-created Diamonds) are produced using the most scientifically advanced methods to create results that are optically, physically, and chemically identical to a natural diamond, without the conflict or price of traditional diamonds. Our Man-Made Diamonds are produced in a laboratory setting that simulates the earth's natural growing environment. Our Diamond Hybrids®, on the other hand, are constructed from a non-precious crystal core that is infused with a form of Lab-Created Diamond to create the realistic natural beauty you expect.

At MiaDonna® we are committed to love, humanity and the earth by focusing on sustainability through every step when creating our superior line of quality Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring Sets and Fine Jewelry. We start by using the finest grade eco-friendly metals, which can be accented with recycled natural side diamonds in sizes below 0.20 carats. You can then select your conflict free center stone from our extensive selection of Man-Made Diamonds (which are Lab Grown Diamonds), the Diamond Hybrid® (a hand cut diamond infused diamond simulant) or Lab Created Gemstones (which are Lab Grown Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds). With each purchase we plant a tree on your behalf and a donation is made to The Greener Diamond Foundation, funding agricultural projects in mining provinces in Africa.




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