Custom Engagement Rings – make yours one-of-a kind!

Custom Engagement Rings are so you! And, how do we know that? Well, that’s easy, because they are designed by you, for you. 

Custom Engagement Rings

Make yours one-of-a-kind!

Whether you are a traditional or non-traditional bride, creating a custom engagement ring is as easy as 1,2,3.

  • Step 1: Get Inspired
  • Step 2: Request Your Quote
  • Step 3: Creating Your Custom Imagery

Contact one of our custom engagement ring design specialists and get started with a free estimate. 



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For the Love of Gold Engagement Rings!

Gild your love with Gold Engagement Rings!

14K Gold, whether white, yellow or rose, is the number one choice for engagement rings and at MiaDonna all of our Gold Engagement Rings (as well as our palladium and platinum rings) are made from recycled metals

For the Love of Gold Engagement Rings

Gold Engagement Rings

Shop these Gold Engagement Ring styles….


5. Darling Engagement Ring

6. Diamond Hybrid Eternity Band

7. Luxury Antique Engagement Ring

8. Petals Engagement Ring 


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Have a question? Contact us by phone toll free at 1-866-996-9642 or email In addition, Live Chat is available during most business hours.

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What is Milgrain?


Milgrain, also known as beading, is a detail most often seen as an embellishment on antique or vintage inspired designs. Milgrain is representative of little ‘beads’ of metal used to accent the edge of a setting or its design features like the halo, bezel or as a pattern to add additional adornment to the style. 

Milgrain is French for “thousand grains,” which is characteristic of the artisanal style of creating these lovely little beads. There are a few ways to create this detail, one which is not as common today, starts with tiny beads of metal that are soldered to the jewelry design, however, the more popular/modern method used today starts with CAD technology and the milgrain is printed into a jewelry mold.

Do you love Milgrain?

We have many styles of engagement rings and accessories that showcase this beautiful vintage inspired detail, here are a few of our favorites.


Honey Wedding Set – beautiful beading along the edges of the band, accenting the design as well as a double row gallery detail. 



Crown Engagement Ring – artistic milgrain detail in the gallery/crown and along the edges framing the accenting diamonds. 



Amoré Vintage Diamond Wedding Band – this beautiful antique-inspired band is highlighted by detailed beading running along the edges of its unique shape. 


Luxury Engagement Ring – this designer inspired design perfectly showcases how lovely milgrain is when used as an accent detail on a diamond halo, both the inner and outer halo look extra special with this beautiful touch. 



Antique Circle Pendant – adding beading to accessories is a rich detail that gives the piece an ornate feel, which is sure to impress.


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Engagement Rings for an Active Lifestyle


When choosing an engagement ring, it is important to consider the durability of the style compared to the activity of the wearer because we use our hands regularly without putting much thought into what we are doing with them. However, there are some ladies who truly live ‘active lifestyles’ – these are the ladies who really must find the balance of beauty and lifestyle.

What is an active lifestyle?

First impressions often leave us thinking that an active person is someone who plays contact sports or goes to the gym, but more often this is someone who has a physical job, like a stay-at-home parent, nurse or police officer. It could also be someone who works in an office. I know that seems like a reach, but repetitive activities like typing, sorting items in drawers or filing can cause damage to your setting or stone. You may not even realize that you fall into this category, but when you consider your job or hobbies, you might be surprised by how hard your hands are working every day.

When Beauty Meets Lifestyle…

Since an engagement ring is a big purchase, it makes sense to choose a style that is not only beautiful but will also sustain your lifestyle, so it will last throughout the years. We also understand that having to constantly remove your ring because you’re concerned about damaging it can be frustrating, but over the lifetime of the ring the cost of repairs could equal or even exceed the initial cost if you are not caring for the style you have chosen properly. Which is why we have put together a few ‘dos and don’ts’ for choosing engagement rings for an active lifestyle.

 Engagement Rings for an Active Lifestyle

First and foremost, you may be asking yourself what does an engagement ring for an active lifestyle even mean – can’t all engagement rings be worn all the time for all activities. And the honest answer is no and just one of the reasons we think every woman should own more than one engagement ring.  




Choose a setting with a low profile, like a bezel setting. A bezel is a style of setting that uses no prongs rather a rim of metal holds the stone, completely surrounding it, leaving only the upper portion, above the girdle, showing. Bezels can be plain metal or accented with diamonds or gems and often have smooth edges, but can be scalloped or molded into any shape to accommodate the stone.

Like our Renee Engagement Ring.

Engagement Rings for an Active Lifestyle | Renee Engagement Ring

Wear your wedding band or stacking multiple bands (not pavé):

Wearing just your wedding band for certain circumstances where you will be more active is a great option or stacking multiple bands makes an even bigger statement while still keeping any possible damage to a minimum.

Engagement Rings for an Active Lifestyle | Stacked Bands 

Center Stone:

If you must have a solitaire or that extravagant vintage halo, that is ok – we know how hard it can be to give up the style you have been dreaming of just to be more practical. That is why we would suggest choosing a smaller center stone, should you insist on wearing a ring you never plan to take off. 

Stone Shape:

We would also suggest considering the center stone shape. Going with a round or oval rather than something like a princess or pear. This would minimize the possibility of snagging your ring as much as possible because you would be eliminating the sharp points and corners associated with shapes like princess, pear, marquise, trillion, emerald or heart. 

Accenting Stones:

We all love the added bling of side diamonds and we would not discourage you to choose something with diamonds if that is what you love. However, we would want you to consider the setting style of those diamonds. Do not choose a pavé style engagement ring if you live an active life, go with something more sturdy like a channel setting. 


Most people don’t consider their metal choice based on lifestyle or wearability, rather the deciding factor is something like price, color or sensitivity. If you want your ring to be durable, we suggest Platinum or Palladium. If you have your heart set on white gold, we would suggest 14K that is dipped with rhodium, we would not suggest 18K gold as it is considered to be much softer because of the higher gold content. 


If you are having a hard time deciding what style of ring suits your lifestyle best, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our fantastic personal shopper team. They have the insight and experience to help you choose a style that will work with your lifestyle and hopefully minimize your maintenance needs over the lifetime of your ring. 

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Try 3 For Free with our Home Try-On Program

Have your heard? We are officially offering an exclusive Home Try-On Program, where you can select 3 sample rings – try them on at home, pick your favorite and order it online. Simple as that!

MiaDonna Try 3 For Free Program

Try 3 for Free with MiaDonna’s Home Try-On Program!

We know that online shopping can be tough and we want every customer who purchases a MiaDonna ring to fall in love at first sight, but how do you know you are going to love the style you saw online as much in person. While we do offer a fantastic 30-day in your hands return and exchange policy, nothing beats getting to try on rings in your own home, right?

Step 1 – Select & Try

Browse our conflict-free collection of sample engagement rings and wedding band styles here. Select three favorites, add them to your cart, checkout as normal and we’ll ship them to you at no charge.

Step 2 – Decide & Buy

Once you’ve decided on a style, the next step will be to configure the specifications (center stone size and type, eco-friendly metal type, ring size, etc.) of your ring online at and check out securely with free US shipping and easy 30-day returns.

Step 3 – Wrap & Return

We’ve included a prepaid return shipping label within your try on at-home package, so before your four day trial period expires, package up the sample rings (as you received them) and drop them in the mail. If you need an extra day, contact us at 503.336.1581.

Step 4 – Relax

It’s time to give yourself a big pat on the back. You’re all done; you can sit back and relax while we handcraft your ring, and within 7-10 days, your ring will arrive.

Here is a sampling of the gorgeous engagement rings (and wedding sets) available for you to choose from…

Clockwise from top: Crimson Engagement Ring, Infinity Wedding Set, Morrison Engagement Ring, and Empress Engagement Ring 



For more information and the full program terms and conditions, please CLICK HERE to learn more.

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Tips For Taking The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie!

Let’s face it, in today’s culture getting engaged comes along with the social pressure (and desire) to share a photo of your new engagement ring. However, before you share that first photo with everyone you know, we have a few tips to get it just right. 

I sat down with our in-house photographer and expert ‘selfie taker’, Emily, and asked her to share with us her 4 favorite tips for taking the perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

But First, Let’s Take an Engagement Ring Selfie!


TIP #1: Photo Ready Nails

You probably didn’t get a chance to make your nails look photo-ready before he/she popped the big question, so now is your chance! Put on a fresh coat of polish to accessorize that gorgeous engagement ring of yours.

Engagement Ring Selfie - Photo Ready Nails

TIP #2: Clean your Bling!

This may be the first time you will be showing off your new ring, so let’s make sure it’s squeaky clean. Dirt, oil, lotions, etc. can cause the diamond to lose its luster. The cleaner the ring, the more sparkle it will have!

Engagement Ring Selfie: Clean Your Ring

TIP #3: Lighting is Everything

Photography is ALL about lighting. Find a spot that is lightly shaded and out of direct sunlight so that you and your diamond don’t look washed out.


TIP #4: Strike (the right) Pose

Your social media followers will go crazy over the sheer fact that you’re engaged! How do you get more likes? Delicately place your fingers close together in front of a beautiful background and you are guaranteed to be insta-famous for the day.

Tips For Taking The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie


Follow these tips and we are confident that your first engagement ring photo will WOW everyone in your feed.


Tips For Taking The Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie


Did you try Emily’s tips with your MiaDonna ring? Share your photo on Instagram and hashtag #mymiadonna for a chance to be featured on our Instagram page

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Floral Engagement Rings for a Spring Proposal

Floral engagement rings are perfect for a Spring proposal, the nature-inspired designs are sure to surprise and delight with dreamy whimsical details. 

Let Your Love Grow – Floral Engagement Rings

 From fanciful flower halos to butterfly and petal embellishments the ideas for your blooming beauty are endless…


Floral Engagement Rings for a Spring Proposal | MiaDonna 


Burnside Engagement Ring

The Burnside Engagement Ring features a two-tone design that highlights a 4-petal motif which holds your choice of round center stone beautifully. 

Floral Engagement Rings-Burnside Engagement Ring


Pettygrove Engagement Ring

The details on the Pettygrove Engagement Ring are a true work of art – the unique flower inspired diamond halo is an elegant way to show off your center stone choice. 

Floral Engagement Rings for a Spring Proposal | MiaDonna - Pettygrove Engagement Ring


Charisma Engagement Ring

Make her heart flutter with the Charisma Engagement Ring – featuring a charming butterfly design on either side of the center stone. 

Floral Engagement Rings for a Spring Proposal | Charisma Engagement Ring


Spicy Engagement Ring

The Spicy Engagement Ring is what you get when modern design meets floral inspiration, whose stunning artistic details are sure to impress.

Spicy Engagement Ring | Floral Engagement Rings for a Spring Proposal


Chapman Engagement Ring

The Chapman Engagement Ring’s two-tone design is the perfect way to accentuate the unique leaf pattern featured on the band and gallery of this dreamy design.

Floral Engagement Rings for a Spring Proposal | Chapman Engagement Ring


Noel Engagement Ring

The Noel Engagement Ring is a one-of-a-kind design that showcases stunning hand carved filigree reminiscent of Spring’s abundance of floral blooms.   

Floral Engagement Rings for a Spring Proposal | Noel Engagement Ring


Floral Engagement Rings can have literal designs too….

Check out this gorgeous custom engagement ring, with a lovely lab-created blue sapphire ‘flower’ surrounded by accenting diamonds.





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Have a question? Contact us by phone toll free at 1-866-996-9642 or email In addition, Live Chat is available during most business hours.


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At MiaDonna® we are committed to love, humanity and the earth by focusing on sustainability through every step when creating our superior line of quality Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring Sets and Fine Jewelry. We start by using the finest grade eco-friendly metals, which can be accented with recycled natural side diamonds in sizes below 0.20 carats. You can then select your conflict free center stone from our extensive selection of Man-Made Diamonds (which are Lab Grown Diamonds), the Diamond Hybrid® (a hand cut diamond infused diamond simulant) or Lab Created Gemstones (which are Lab Grown Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds). With each purchase we plant a tree on your behalf and a donation is made to The Greener Diamond Foundation, funding agricultural projects in mining provinces in Africa.




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