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Valentine’s Day is this Sunday and we were lucky enough to be visited by KGW-TV – Portland diamonds come with a cause attached.

Check out our feature, where our CEO Anna-Mieke talks about lab-grown diamonds for Valentine’s Day and her passion for giving back through MiaDonna’s foundation The Greener Diamond


 MiaDonna & Company – KGW Channel 8

Transcript from KGW.com


PORTLAND, Ore. — Sunday is Valentine’s Day. It’s a day that many people pop the question with a diamond ring. And more couples are choosing rings with diamonds made in a lab.

It’s a growing business and for Anna-Mieke Anderson, it’s also a personal mission.

Along the wall of her Southwest Portland office, the faces of children line the space. They are children Anderson hopes to help.

The pictures were taken during Anderson’s many trips to Africa and the diamond mining communities there.

“This little one here said the whole time, ‘please take me with you,’ which was heartbreaking,” Anderson said pointing to a picture of a little boy clinging to her arm.

Those children, Anderson says, inspired her to start her own diamond business ten years ago.

Anderson is the founder of MiaDonna and Company. The company offers diamond buyers an eco-friendly and conflict-free choice.

Instead of mined from the earth, the diamonds are created in a lab.

“What we’re doing is just speeding up the natural process of what happens in the earth in a modern-day lab environment,” said Anderson. “They’re a 100% real diamonds…. there’s actually no reason we should mine for diamonds anymore because we can create them.”

Anderson says her diamonds are also about 40 percent less expensive than the earth-mined kind.

Plus a portion of all their sales goes to supporting the company’s charitable foundation, called the Greener Diamond.

The goal of the non-profit is to stop the unethical harvesting of mined diamonds by doing things like building farms in African diamond mining communities.

“We’re teaching reformed child soldiers how to grow food instead of mining for diamonds,” Anderson said. “It’s just a no-brainer.”

Soon-to-be-married Kevin Hanson likes the idea of a more affordable, man-made diamond.

“It’s great to know that it didn’t come from some country where people are getting murdered all the time just for a few gem stones,” he said.

It’s a choice Anderson says more and more younger couples are making – choosing technology over nature to help protect it.

“It’s a very peaceful eco-friendly option that millennials are loving,” she said.

The company also uses only recycled precious metals in its rings. Anderson believes mining for those can be just as damaging to the earth as mining for diamonds.

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Change Lives with Love – Instagram Contest

At MiaDonna one of our core beliefs is that you can change lives with love and every piece of MiaDonna jewelry does just that! With this in mind, we asked you to show us how you are changing lives with love by sharing your most creative photo on Instagram. We received many great entries and were blown away by the great things people are doing every day to change lives with the greatest tool we have love

Change Lives with Love – Instagram Contest

We have selected a grand prize winner and two runners-up from the qualified entries. Let’s show them some love! 

Grand Prize Winner – @susannelein

Susan actually submitted three great entries. We love the captions she included – not only did this photo put a smile on our face, we can tell through Susan’s entries that she embodies the MiaDonna spirit. Congrats Susan!


Runner-Up – @thrifycocoon

We received several fantastic entries by people who are changing lives with love all over the world. MiaDonna founder, Anna-Mieke, started by sponsoring one boy and now through our foundation, The Greener Diamond, with the help of MiaDonna shoppers, are building farms in Africa, training reformed child soldiers to grow food rather than mine for diamonds. 

Our hearts melted when we saw Jillian’s photo that she captioned, “Helping a sweet orphan in Russia with her mittens.”


Runner-Up – @edavolt

We LOVED seeing all the photos that were shared of – couples, pets and, of course, children! Our founder Anna-Mieke started MiaDonna because, as a Mother, she could no longer sit back and watch children be hurt because of our love affair with earth-mined diamonds. Which is why we chose this cute picture of Erin’s two boys. There is nothing more precious than quality time with our loved ones. 


THANK YOU to everyone who entered – you all rock!


CONGRATULATIONS to our winners!



Honorable Mentions 

With so many fantastic entries we couldn’t resist showing off a few ‘honorable mentions’!

Change Lives with Love | MiaDonna Instagram Contest | Honorable Mentions


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The Top Lab-Grown Diamond Companies Form An Alliance – MiaDonna & Company Founding Member

Anna-Mieke-Anderson-MiaDonna-Founder-and-CEO | The Top Lab-Grown Diamond Companies Form An AlliancePORTLAND, Oregon – February 04, 2016 – MiaDonna & Company is excited to announce the launch of the International Grown Diamond Association (IGDA) as well as their role as a founding member. MiaDonna CEO, Anna-Mieke Anderson, is a grown diamond industry pioneer who is honored to be one of 10 professionals pushing for an authentic and transparent diamond industry.

The IGDA was conceptualized by leading and exemplary names in the grown diamond industry, who felt the need to collectively come together and represent grown diamonds on an international forum, while sharing technical knowledge about grown diamonds and creating awareness about the value, beauty and eco-friendly characteristics of high quality grown diamonds. Stringent due diligence is practiced by IGDA members to ensure all grown diamonds sold by their companies come with full disclosure and certification.

Ten years ago Anna-Mieke had the vision to create a conflict-free diamond and has led the evolution of the lab-created diamond industry. Even before the technology to create diamonds was perfected she knew that the only way to combat conflict-diamonds was to grow them in a modern-day lab environment. As demand for high-quality diamonds, both from consumers and in the commercial sector continues to rise, the launch of the IGDA is timely.

MiaDonna’s founder and CEO Anna-Mieke Anderson shares, “The inception of the International Grown Diamond Association is a significant historical milestone for the diamond industry as a whole, we are doing things now that I had only dreamed about doing 10 years ago. I am honored to be a founding member and to have the opportunity to work with a team of like-minded industry professionals, where together we can push for a socially responsible diamond industry.”

Other IGDA Founding Members including, IIa Technologies (Singapore), Microwave Enterprises, Washington Diamonds, New Diamond Technology, Scio Diamond, Golcondia, Pure Grown Diamonds, Polished Diamond Company, Diamond Foundry, and Chatham Created Gems & Diamonds, will be instrumental in the support and growth of the grown diamond industry.
For more details, please visit, www.theigda.org


MiaDonna & Company is an advocate for diamond and gem consumers, global societies, and the earth, creating beautiful, conflict-free diamond engagement rings and fine jewelry while working to repair the damage caused by traditional diamond mining. Anna-Mieke Anderson is the active CEO and Founder of MiaDonna, consumer turned philanthropist and entrepreneur. When Anna-Mieke discovered she had most likely purchased a conflict-diamond she set out to provide consumers with a beautiful, ethical and affordable diamond made in a modern-day lab environment, that would also function as a sustainable funding source to help repair diamond mining communities.


The Top Lab-Grown Diamond Companies Form An Alliance – MiaDonna & Company Founding Member



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New Arrivals, hand-picked just for you!

We have some gorgeous new arrivals that we are super excited to tell you about! We pride ourselves on offering the latest selection of trendy yet timeless conflict-free engagement rings and jewelry and these new designs will definitely not disappoint. 


New Arrivals, hand-picked just for you!

These three new arrivals have one common theme, besides being beautiful of course….all three have a modern vibe. Check them out!



The Charming Solitaire Engagement Ring

The Charming Solitaire Engagement Ring – starting at $1,126 with a 2.0ct Round Cut Diamond Hybrid® center stone – is inspired by David Yurman’s twisted cable band design. Featuring your choice of 2.0ct Round Cut Diamond Hybrid®, Lab-Created Diamond or Lab-Created Gemstone set in a basket prong head atop a twisted band, this ring can be finished in two-tone or single tone in your favorite eco-friendly metal type.


The Terwilliger Two-Tone Engagement Ring

The Terwilliger Two-Tone Engagement Ring – starting at $1,947.50 with a 1.25ct Oval Cut Diamond Hybrid® center stone – named for James Terwilliger, a Pioneer and one of the first residents of Portland, Oregon. This gorgeous ring features your choice of Oval Cut Diamond Hybrid®, Lab-Created Diamond, or Lab Created Gem center stone in a halo of natural recycled diamonds. The twisted two-tone shank features a rope design on one band, and natural recycled diamonds going halfway around on the second. This ring can be finished in two-tone or single tone in your favorite eco-friendly metal type.


Pendant – Bezel Setting

This classic Bezel Pendant – starting at $370 – with a 0.50ct Diamond Hybrid® – features a Round Brilliant Diamond Hybrid®, Lab-Created Diamond, or Lab-Created Gemstone. Both the pendant and matching 18″ chain come crafted in your choice of eco-friendly 14K White, Yellow, or Rose gold.




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Have a question? Contact us by phone toll-free at 1-866-996-9642 or email info@miadonna.com. In addition, Live Chat is available during most business hours.

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This Valentine’s Day Instead of Roses, Give Her Rose Gold


This Valentine's Day instead of Roses, Give Her Rose Gold


Warm her heart and make her blush this Valentine’s day with rose gold.


The rose gold trend has grown steadily over the last few years. While most commonly seen in jewelry, we have noticed that it has crossed over to fashion, beauty, and even technology. From rose colored hair to Diane von Furstenberg’s rose gold, crocodile-embossed clutch, and Apple’s iPhone 6S, everyone can’t get enough of this decadent color. 

And we can’t blame them…the pink-hued gold is flattering to most skin tones, adds a lovely feminine touch and is the perfect alternative to basic white or yellow gold. 

 A few of our favorite rose gold gift ideas for Valentine’s Day (or just because)….


Rose Gold Necklace

Like all jewelry, a necklace is more than an adornment. It is one way a woman can easily make a statement, showing off her style and personality. Incorporating a rose gold necklace into her rotation is a sure fire way to add charm and artfulness to her everyday look.

 This Valentine's Day instead of Roses, Give Her Rose Gold | Rose Gold Bezel Pendant Necklace

*This beautiful pendant is not on our website (yet), but it can still be yours.


Rose Gold Earrings

Take ‘classic earrings’ up a notch with a lush shade of rose.  Did you know…. rose gold is a complimentary color, meaning it not only looks great on most people but also pairs well with other colors. 

This Valentine's Day instead of Roses, Give Her Rose Gold | 4 Prong Basket Earrings


Rose Gold Diamond Band 

Rose gold feels vintage, yet it is intrinsically modern, making it the perfect choice for a diamond band. You can match rose colored bands with an engagement ring, wear it alone (on your right or left hand) and even mix and match them with other bands or metal colors. 

This Valentine's Day instead of Roses, Give Her Rose Gold | Willow Diamond Wedding Band


Rose Gold Engagement Ring

Are you thinking of proposing this Valentine’s Day? As if that moment is not special enough, you can up the ‘romance factor’ with a rose gold engagement ring or a two-tone design. Like our GORGEOUS Glisan Two-Tone Engagement Ring, that features a heart shape detail in the gallery. 

This Valentine's Day instead of Roses, Give Her Rose Gold | Glisan Two-Tone Engagement Ring


Shakespeare famously wrote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” – and we think the same goes for jewelry…gold by any other name is just as luxurious. 

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Meet Justin and Minna | MiaDonna’s Featured ‘Celebrity Engagement’!

The New Year is here and we are thrilled to share our first MiaDonna ‘Celebrity Engagement’ of 2016!

We are beyond excited for Justin and Minna on their engagement! Justin was such a romantic who’s excitement could not be contained – we enjoyed every.single.moment working with him to make his New Year’s proposal a success! 

“This ring is everything I could have dreamed of and more!”

~ Minna, Finacée


Meet Justin and Minna | MiaDonna's Featured Celebrity Engagement | Photo credit: AuraExposures


This ‘Celebrity Engagement’ was full of surprise, romance, and OH SO MUCH love….


Georgia | 01.01.16

“…My girlfriend and I met on New Year’s Eve 5 years ago and my plan has always been to propose on New Year’s Eve. THIS New Year’s Eve is the one!”

“I did it! I’m engaged! Thanks in a huge way to you. She is in LOVE with the ring and it’s the perfect fit. Things could not have happened more perfectly…I’ll be telling stories for a long time about how you came through.”

“This was one of the most exceptional buying experiences I’ve ever had. Customer service was amazing, helpful and went above and beyond to make sure our engagement story was a perfect one. My fiancee Minna is in LOVE with the ring. She thinks it is absolutely stunning and she says, and I quote, “This ring is everything I could have dreamed of and more!” We will definitely begin our search for our wedding rings first with MiaDonna.” 

~Justin, Fiancé

*Photo Credit – AuraExposures*




And what about THE RING!


Justin did a fantastic job picking out the perfect ring – in his words….a modest ring for her-a modest Queen! 

 Seriously, though….how cute is this couple!


  The Victorian Antique Engagement Ring in Rose Gold – GORGEOUS!


CONGRATS Justin and Minna on your Engagement!



Do you want to be a featured couple at MiaDonna.com?

From time to time we will add a new Featured Couple and we would LOVE for it to be you! Being the Featured Couple includes a blog post on you and your partner with your picture and testimonial as well as a highlighted testimonial on our testimonials page. Please send us your images, videos, suggestions, kind words, etc… We know you have a great love story to tell and we want to hear it!

There are 3 ways you can do a testimonial for MiaDonna and Company OR The Greener Diamond.

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Get creative, but please remember to include:
1. Your first name (and your partners)
2. If and what you purchased at MiaDonna & Co.
3. Your message 
4. Your images and/or videos

We look forward to hearing from you!

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How to buy a conflict-free diamond on YOUR budget

Buying a conflict-free diamond on your budget is less intimidating than it may seem. We asked MiaDonna’s resident lab-created diamond expert, Linley Shepard, about her top tips for buying a conflict-free diamond on YOUR budget. 

How to buy a conflict-free diamond on YOUR budget

The 5th C – Budget – Cut – Shape – Carat Weight – Clarity

How to buy a conflict-free diamond on YOUR budget

Tip#1 – The 5th C

If you are on the hunt for a diamond, then most likely at some point you have heard of or read about the 4Cs. The 4Cs refer to the color, cut, clarity and carat weight of a diamond and ultimately determine a diamond’s quality, brilliance, overall beauty and most importantly price. However, at MiaDonna we also believe in the 5th C – ‘conflict-free’ and we know the only true conflict-free diamond available is lab-grown. AND…the best part, lab-grown diamonds are offered up to 40% less than their earth-mined equivalents. 

Tip #2 – Budget 

Ok, so maybe this tip seems obvious, but first and foremost Linley suggests that you start by ‘nailing down’ your budget and setting a bottom line. While having a range is great, knowing what you are willing to spend on the diamond is very important and should be thought about separately from the engagement ring setting. Having a budget will dictate your choices and ultimately help you choose your perfect conflict-free diamond.

Tip #3 – Cut

The cut is considered the most important quality of a diamond, yet it is the least understood of the 4Cs. The cut of a diamond is imperative in determining how light passes through the stone – which affects the fire, brilliance, and sparkle. Not to be confused with shape, the cut includes the shape and the entire anatomy of the diamond and refers to the combined optical properties of a diamond; the proportions, symmetry and finish.

The rule of thumb is… the better the cut the lower you can go with color and clarity without compromising the beauty of the diamond. 

Tip #4 – Clarity

Most people seem to think they need to purchase a diamond with a clarity grading no lower than VS2, however, we believe you can go as low as I1 depending on the diamond’s shape and where the inclusions are located. The jump in price from an SI2 to VVS1 clarity is significant but with an SI, you could still have an “eye clean” diamond on your hands without the high price tag.

Have you ever heard the term ‘prong inclusions’? Linley shared with us an insider tip when it comes to deciding on the clarity of your diamond. A prong inclusion is an inclusion that has formed around the outer edges of a diamond. The term ‘prong inclusion’ is referring to the ability to ‘cover’ these blemishes with a prong when setting the diamond into a ring. If your budget won’t allow a higher clarity diamond, no problem, just request a diamond with ‘prong inclusions’ and our personal shoppers would be happy to help.

Tip#5 – Shape

If your shape of choice is the round brilliant, then you are in luck! Because of the brilliant cut of the round shape, you can actually choose a lower color grade that would typically show yellow in other shapes. This is because the brilliant cut does not show color in the same way as a fancy shape such a cushion or princess would. 

Tip #6 – Carat Weight

Most first-time engagement ring buyers focus heavily on carat weight. They want the biggest diamond they can get and most often over 1.0ct. However, if your budget doesn’t allow Linley suggests going just under a carat. What most people don’t realize is that carat weight is purely representative of the weight of the stone; it is the measurements of the diamond that are most important. For example, the visual difference of a 0.89ct compared to a 1.0ct will be incredibly minimal, but the price (which is based in part on carat weight) will have a significant difference; sometimes over a thousand dollars!


As we see it, some traditions are meant to be broken – throw out any preconceived ideas you may have about budget. At MiaDonna we do not believe in “three months” salary, going into debt, and the overall correlation of the value of your love and relationship with the budget of your engagement ring, BECAUSE it has never been easier to find a conflict-free diamond on YOUR budget!



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Have a question? Contact us by phone toll free at 1-866-996-9642 or email info@miadonna.com. In addition, Live Chat is available during most business hours.

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Learn More

MiaDonna offers a 15 day "In your hands" return policy. This simply means you have 15 days to view your jewelry from the day it arrives at your home to decide if we have held up our end of the bargain to deliver you something special. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase we will refund your money free of any restocking fees or any other hidden costs. For full details please see our Return Policy and be sure to review our Lifetime Guarantee, Complimentary Insurance Policy and Theft, Loss and Damage Policy.


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Our Man-Made Diamonds (also known as Lab-created Diamonds) are produced using the most scientifically advanced methods to create results that are optically, physically, and chemically identical to a natural diamond, without the conflict or price of traditional diamonds. Our Man-Made Diamonds are produced in a laboratory setting that simulates the earth's natural growing environment. Our Diamond Hybrids®, on the other hand, are constructed from a non-precious crystal core that is infused with a form of Lab-Created Diamond to create the realistic natural beauty you expect.

At MiaDonna® we are committed to love, humanity and the earth by focusing on sustainability through every step when creating our superior line of quality Engagement Rings, Wedding Ring Sets and Fine Jewelry. We start by using the finest grade eco-friendly metals, which can be accented with recycled natural side diamonds in sizes below 0.20 carats. You can then select your conflict free center stone from our extensive selection of Man-Made Diamonds (which are Lab Grown Diamonds), the Diamond Hybrid® (a hand cut diamond infused diamond simulant) or Lab Created Gemstones (which are Lab Grown Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds). With each purchase we plant a tree on your behalf and a donation is made to The Greener Diamond Foundation, funding agricultural projects in mining provinces in Africa.




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